Show LAS Your Old School: Old Head Collections

Old School Lacrosse Stick Collection vintage throwback
Get to naming these bad boys, please!

I love good Old School Lacrosse Equipment.  Thanks to friends,, a slight lax pack rat mentality, and a forgiving girlfriend, I’ve got a small collection going.  None of the heads are strung up yet… but I’m sure I’ll throw a traditional string job in a couple of them before too long.  And at least one will probably get the Ninja Lacrosse mesh treatment.  I just got a sample pack of the stuff and it’s legit!  You can expect a full review of the Ninja Lax mesh on SweetSweetLax in the very near future!  But for now, check out the foam!

Now back to the Old School

We’ve got a little challenge for you Old School experts out there.  I have 8 heads, and 7 of them are different models.  From the photo below, try your best to correctly identify EACH head!!!  To get credit you MUST get the BRAND and MODEL correct, for extra credit you can do a little research and tell us what years the head was offered!

Old School Lacrosse Stick Collection vintage throwback
Some of the overall OS stick collection.

If anyone drops some unreal knowledge in the comments about these heads we’ll make sure you’re rewarded.  Grow The Game!  Prove Your Intelligence!  Impress us!

Old School Lacrosse Stick Collection vintage throwback
Get to naming these bad boys, please!

And as a bonus, we’ll show you what two of these OS heads look like when compared to a more modern head, the Evo2 by Warrior Lacrosse.

Thanks to Matt Corry of Team Jesse for the two new OS heads seen below!  Big ups!!!!

Old School Lacrosse Stick Collection vintage throwback
Old, New, Old.


  1. Brine Superlight 2, approx 1983, STX Laser Hi-Wall, 1984, Brine D80, 1983, Brine Superlight, 1981, Brine M1, maybe 1990?, STX Hi-Wall, 1982, Brine Superlight 2+2, 1987, STX Turbo, 1994.

    What, you could’nt find a Shotgun?

  2. top row; brine superlight 2 (early 80’s), STX hi wall (mid 80’s), Brine D-80 (70’s?, way before my time), Brine air attack (early 80’s, late 70’s)
    bottom row; Brine MX (1992), STX sam 2 (1993), Brine superlight 2+2 (early 80’s), STX turbo (1991, I remember getting one and being 15 at the time) (could be a viper or dominator, but I’m pretty sure it’s a turbo)

  3. I want that red turbo!!!!  I broke mine last two years ago.

    I’ve had my red turbo since middle school, scored my first goal with it, used it through HS and whenever I picked up a stick in the years after.  The broken head still hangs in my garage.