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old_school_sticks lacrosse
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Show LAS Your Old School: Pete Jacobs’ Old Sticks

We got an Old School submission recently from Pete Jacobs, and while the photo and explanation are relatively simple, it really got us thinking in a major way.

First we’ll get to Pete’s Old School contribution, and then the epiphany!

I was back at my mom’s house in New Hampshire last week and unearthed this collection of vintage sticks I bought at a flea market back in HS.

I remember playing in our HS alumni game back in the late 80’s and some of the old timers would show up with sticks like these. They had true skills.

old_school_sticks lacrosse
That’s a nice pile of lumber!

That’s a great collection, Pete! Maybe take it out of the garage and store them somewhere safe and dry… that way we can show them off again in another 20 or 30 years!

And now it’s time for the epiphany: If guys back in the day could play with these heavy wooden sticks (while also getting whacked with them!), then the kids and players of today have NO RIGHT to complain about stick stringing rules, head dimension changes, etc.

The equipment is so much better, and so much more consistent, than it was ever was before. Carrying the ball has never been easier, scooping the ball has never been easier, and getting a good stick to play with is possible for anyone.

Think you’ve got it rough? Try picking up one of Pete’s old sticks, then come talk to me!