traditional strung Excalibur STX lacrosse
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Show LAS Your Old School: Re-Traditional Excalibur

Editor’s note: Have an old school photo, memory or lacrosse tall tale that you want featured on Lax All Stars? Drop us a line at with “OLD SCHOOL” in the subject and you could be featured in our weekly trip down memory lane.

traditional strung Excalibur STX lacrosse
Sweet traditional rig!

The Old School is a little late this week.  One day late to be precise.  I guess that’s what happens when you get old!  What’s old is new.  Or at least this reader thinks so.  And we would tend to agree, Bill!  Great stuff!

“Some people thinks its sacrilegious to pinch these old school heads, but it really worked for this one. Strung it up last night and did a little wall ball today.

The end cap is a reminder of what I want to work on this summer (and a really good milk stout)”!

An old STX Excalibur should never be restrung with mesh.  Now THAT would be sacriligous!

lax end cap beer cap
The end cap in question...
STX Lacrosse excalibur tradtional
Non-offset heads are a thing of beauty.
STX Lacrosse excalibur tradtional
The money shot.