Practice makes perfect
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SICK College Lacrosse Stick Trick Video

Practice makes perfect

I love it when college lacrosse players come up with a ridiculous video concept and then execute it to perfection.  The fellows over at Wesleyan did just that when they took the sheer awesomeness of lacrosse and combined that with the quick-cut video style of “impossible” basketball shot videos.

If I thought the WWE was real, I’d believe they did this all in one shot.  Still, very cool stuff.  Setting the bar in student produced video content.  Fun stuff!  Wesleyan has a strong film department, after all!

I’m a little embarassed to say this, but thanks to 412 for the heads up!  Kid is on his grind!

Practice Made Perfect from Jack Cash on Vimeo.

Is Jack Cash like a Luke Cash/Jack Raba clone or something?  Someone fill me in here.

Wesleyan faces 7-0 Trinity on Wednesday and then takes on Colby at home on Saturday.  Big games for the Cardinals and if they want to stay in Top 20, 2 games they need to win.