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Signature Lacrosse Makes History!

It’s all in the Signature.

Daniel Soviero might resemble Sir Isaac Newton more than you think. As you know, Sir Isaac Newton was hit in the head by an apple that fell from a tree which led to the discovery of Gravity. Daniel Soviero was hit in the head by a football with a Buffalo Bills logo on it, which led to the creation of Signature Lacrosse.

Signature Lacrosse

After Soviero witnessed the logo on the football, his instinctive lax rat mentality created one question in his mind;

“Why don’t they have team logo’s on Lacrosse Balls?”

This question that has yet to be answered by any other company sparked the inspiration to study the
manufacturing of Lacrosse balls. From there, Soviero would partner with his longtime High School Lacrosse rival and good friend, Nick Martin.

These South Floridians and former Division I Lacrosse players, were able to link up at the University of Tampa. Their creative minds and passion for the game would allow them to bring Signature Lacrosse to the next level. They would go onto to manufacture high quality, safe, and innovative Lacrosse balls that wouldn’t go unnoticed.

Now a year later from their initial start, Signature Lacrosse is the only large scale manufacturer of custom lacrosse balls in the world! Using the most advanced laser technology in the world Signature Lacrosse can put any logo, slogan, or idea on a Lacrosse ball.nick&dan

Their creativity and technology has gone on to sponsor huge Lacrosse programs across the country. Teams like Marquette, Salisbury, Limestone, Hofstra, and 40 other NCAA Lacrosse programs now all have Signature Lacrosse balls with their logos on them scattered across the practice field.

What’s Next?

With so much recognition from big programs Signature Lacrosse is now taking the next step to make these NOSCAE approved balls really shine. Yesterday was the release of  Signatures new website;, which will be the first of it’s kind. Soviero and Martin will be making history with the first ever online Lacrosse ball customizer!

With a variety of colors, interactive software, and endless design possibilities through Signatures Ball Customizer all teams, clubs, and lax rats can get their very own custom Lacrosse balls with whatever their heart desires on it! Check out their site today and make history!