SISU Guard the Official Mouthguard of the NLL
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SISU Guard Makes Noise as Official Mouthguard of the NLL

Author’s Note: Since 2014, has been proud to partner with SISU Guard to help innovate the game of lacrosse and to support lacrosse players through the development of their individual voices. We are always excited to report on the successes of those helping us in the mission to Grow the Game!

Although they are newcomers to the lacrosse scene, the innovative team at SISU Guard have been putting in hours behind the scenes to prove not only that they have a unique and superior product that can benefit any athlete, but they are also here to listen and to adapt to the needs of the lacrosse community.

You’ve likely seen at least a handful of your teammates wearing one by now. The popularity of the Michigan-based startup has taken them from a basement bootstrap to technology tidal wave in a matter of months. In lacrosse, SISU made some waves by introducing themselves at LaxCon 2015, helping to produce tools like Lax Out Loud and getting to know the landscape, but now SISU has taken another major leap with the lacrosse industry recently by entering a partnership to become the “Official Mouthguard of the NLL“.

The deal, which runs through the 2016 season, provides each and every athlete in the National Lacrosse League the opportunity to experience the difference a SISU Guard can offer. Since the sport is known for the physicality of play, you could only imagine how helpful a mouthguard could be in indoor lacrosse. Yet, many players opt out of wearing the vital protection as it often hinders their ability to communicate with teammates, breathe or even talk smack. Hey, for a couple of guys that’s important too!

SISU is confident their product can not only offer the best protection for one of the roughest games on two feet, but that the players will barely notice they are even wearing the guard, leaving their game unhindered.

This push for a brand to become an actual sponsor of the NLL’s mouthguards is another huge step in the direction of safety and implementing standards across the board to keep players healthy, not only on the floor, but after their careers as professionals have ended as well.

It’s not just SISU’s presence in the lacrosse space that is rapidly growing, Akervall Technologies, producers of the SISU Guard, have been expanding their team to match their growth in sales as they’ve experienced a 60% growth in sales from 2014 to 2015 and they’re on track for more success in 2016. As Concentrate Media reports, Akervall Technologies won the advanced materials category at the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition last month for the second year running.

The SISU Guard has been one of the quietest trends in lacrosse for the past year or so, but with the help of the NLL, we think SISU is going to make their voice heard in a major way for 2016 and for years to come.

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