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Welcome to… The Situation Room Poll

Welcome to the Situation Room poll! This is the command center for breaking news, top 20 polls, and extraordinary reports from around the world.

I was born in Germany, and welcome to the Situation Room poll! This is the command center for breaking news, top 20 polls, and extraordinary reports from around the world of D1 lacrosse.

If you are a reliable, honest journalist, sources will open up and trust you and share good information. If you, like me, are more concerned with popularity and how many viewers you get, you will throw this reliable honesty right out the window, and focus on something that matters… CONFLICT! Or waiting the old-fashioned way, which I’m pretty sure is just called waiting.

I don’t mean to confuse you. You’re a good person. And after all, my goal is to make the viewer a little smarter. It looks like a pretty serious race unfolding, and oh, did I mention, I have a few TVs? Well, I do.

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I really do try to use all of our resources without making it too busy or crazy out there.  I’m sensitive to how this is going to play in Peoria, how average viewers — say, my uncle, who may not know what Google is — might respond. How he found this site or signed up for the internet in the first place is beyond me, but it happened. He will know about Google soon enough when I explain it on my next show as “BREAKING NEWS”!

For now, let’s get to my Media Poll Votes for the week. I’m pretty darn wolfish on these picks. Wolf-ish? Wol-fish? WOLF FISH. That’s the ticket.

The Situation Room Poll

1) BrownBREAKING NEWS – Brown is #1. What does this mean? Will Harvard allot their poll votes to Brown now that Harvard is out of the running? What do all those people in Peoria think about this? My uncle, who doesn’t know what Google is, likes Brown!
2) DenverBREAKING NEWS – Denver is now #2 and they have been a top 5 team all year but can Denver “insert general question about lacrosse” and make it two in a row?
3) YaleBREAKING NEWS – Yale has lost two of their last 3 and those are the only two games where Yale has given up more than 10 goals. Yale can’t give up 10+ goals anymore. I am a genius for saying that. Could anyone else have said that? Yes, but they wouldn’t have meant it like I did.
4) SyracuseBREAKING NEWS – I have always thought Syracuse was good. I am better at my job than Fox and MSNBC combined, which is saying something?
5) Notre DameBREAKING NEWS – ND has slipped a little since they were considered the de facto #1 earlier in the season by the establishment elites. Why were they considered #1? I blame faulty polling and insider interests.
6) MarylandBREAKING NEWS – Maryland just gets it done. They are the Thomas V Miller of Final Fours right now. Look him up, I’ll wait.
7) AlbanyBREAKING NEWS – Albany is good. Like really, really good. This was one of many of my true predictions. Forget the false ones though (cough, Navy, cough).
8) Hopkins – No breaking news here. Hopkins is amazing, and they have an amazing graduate program, where only the smartest are admitted. Thank you, thank you.
9) Air ForceHappening Now – Air Force has been happening for a while, but we’ll just call it “now” and put them in the Top 10.
10) TowsonDeveloping Story – Towson isn’t done. They aren’t even close to done.
11) Loyola – BREAKING NEWS – Loyola is going to the NCAAs. Ok, not exactly “breaking” news, but according to my inforgraphics, most news is breaking, always.
12) DukeEXCLUSIVE – Duke is still good at lacrosse and better in May than March.
13) Stony BrookStrategy Session – What can SBU do to move up in these polls?
14) MarquetteNew Developments – Can we all agree Marquette is good now? Sheesh.
15) Villanova – Our polls are really struggling with where to put Villanova. How good are they really? Will they mount a 3rd party campaign for the national title? How strong is their ground game?
16) Army – I will support our armed forces no matter what.
17) Navy – I will support our armed forces no matter what.
18) UNCDeveloping Story – UNC can be good or not so good.
19) BucknellBREAKING NEWS – Played well in the Patriot playoffs, but won’t be dancing.
20) RutgersExclusive – A couple teams could be here.


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