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SLC 2010 Tournament Action Report

OK so between work, painting the bathroom, Glee, and Ninja Academy I was finally able to squeeze some time in for a lacrosse game or two.

The SLC Divison I playoffs kicked off on Thursday.  The first two games pitted the Gauchos of UCSB against the University of Arizona Laxcats!  The second game had the Loyola Marymount Lions facing off against the University of San Diego Toreros.

I cruised on down to Babe City, otherwise known as the Jungle, otherwise known as Chaptown, otherwise known as Chapman University, where the tournament is being held to take in some So Cal lacrosse action.

Obligatory Brooklyn Decker Pic:

Congrats 412 Lax

Arizona with an overall record of 6-7 going into the game drew first blood in the matchup.  UCSB with a 9-5 record, didn’t wait long however.  The game went back and forth in the first half of play.  Coming out of the half the Gauchos turned it on and came away with a win at 13-8 to propel them to the next round in the tournament.

I caught up with the coaches from both teams to get their thoughts about the game and a few other things:

After the UCSB/Arizona game the LMU and USD game started up.  Unfortunately the batteries in my video camera kicked the bucket, so I wasn’t able to get any game footage [Editor’s note: #FML].  The Lions held San Diego off until 3 seconds left in the first half when Sophomore Attackman #8 Danny Breihan found the back of the net.  An act that head coach Mark Frey felt was worth screaming about even though they were winning 5-1.  To each their own.  #17 Magnus Karlsson and #6 Chase Parlett each had four goals for the Lions.  Mr. Karlsson had one shot that I remember particularly well – a laser to the corner of the cage from roughly the 20 yard line. Well done sir.  Final tally: LMU 11, the Toreros 5.  LMU moves on and USD, with a valiant effort, heads home.

Next up Chapman plays LMU and Arizona State University will play UCSB, for the second round of SLC tournament play.

I couldn’t make to Saturday’s events, but to keep it short: UCSB played Arizona State University and fell to the Sun Devils 13-9.  The Devils were hot!  LMU faced off against Chapman and their road ended with a 19-10 loss to the Panthers, setting up the SLC championship match between the ASU Sun Devils and Chapman on Sunday.  Check out for more info and details about the second round of tournament play.

Sunday May 2nd 2010.  Championship Sunday.

I got to Chapman University just in time to catch the end of the DII championship game between Biola University and CSUF.  The Titans secured an automatic bid to the Division II Championships in Denver later this May by defeating Biola 12-7.  Here’s what I got after the game:

Best of  luck to the Titans!  Hope they can improve off last year’s results and move past the first round.  They are solid across the field, the one wild card for them is how well Kappeler will be in the cage. We have faith though.

Cal State University Fullerton SLC DII Champions

All I can say about the game between ASU and Chapman is WOW!!  WOW!!  If I had not seen it for myself I wouldn’t believe it.  The game was literally the rumble in the Jungle.

Sun Devils and Panthers go head-to-head.

ASU found the cage first at 11:00min to break the ice. The biggest lead ASU held was +2 throughout the match.

Hard riding by Arizona St. disrupted several transitions by Chapman and slowed down their pace.  Just before the half both teams called back to back time-outs to coordinate plays, but neither could gain an advantage and went into halftime tied 5-5.

There is a reason many people, including myself, think Connor Martin is awesome in his lacrosse abilities. It is for moments when his team is down by one in the 4th quarter, 2 seconds left on the clock in regulation, and the team needs a goal.  For one moment the entire stadium basked in his awesomeness.  It was so glorious, it shattered my camera and I don’t have any footage of it.  And believe me there were some sick ass shots.  Words will not do justice to what I witnessed but I’ll do my best….

A whistle against ASU with one second left gave Chapman the possession on their end.  It was argued that the whistle blew at three seconds, but Chapman only got one more tick back on the clock.  Chris Small brought the ball into play from the sideline.  He lobbed the ball into the crease where, rising like a phoenix from the jumble and confusion of players Air Con snagged the pass and put it past Dylan Westfall in the cage.  The shockwave knocked me out, shattered my camera, tied the game at 11 and sent Chapman into overtime.  Oh and there was still one tick left on the clock.

Editor’s note: A trusty source emailed us the link to the Chapman vs. ASU game. Go ahead, check it out for yourself.  Go to 2:07:00 for the Martin goal that led to OT – when Chris Small had the ball outside the box with 2 seconds left.

Ultimately the ASU ride is what allowed them the opportunity to win the match. In OT, Chapman Goalie Matt Sathrum came out of the goal to clear the ball and got tied up at the top of the box. Tyler Westfall for ASU picked up the loose ball and took it in to the open net to secure the Sun Devil ticket to the MCLA tournament.  A very exciting game to say the least!

Congrats to the Sun Devils and Panthers.  Both teams have had an exceptional season, and both teams are heading to Denver.  With the way ASU played I think they have a great chance of going deep in the tourney.  The Westfall triple threat is huge factor.  And if their defense holds up they can definitely hold teams back.  Chapman made it to the finals last season, and they’re fully equipped to get there again if Michigan doesn’t stop them.  I will not be making it out to Denver to cover the MCLA tournament but LAS will still be your one stop shop.

Congratulations to Arizona State University SLC DI Champions

THOUGHTS: I piggybacked on the guy interviewing the Westfall bros.  I don’t know how much he knew about lacrosse.  He asked some good questions though and I didn’t want to hog the Westfalls from all their fans so I just stole from him. Sorry.

My condolences go out to the families involved in the UVa tragedy.


– Middie D

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