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Snow Wreaking Havoc – Junior College Report

Welcome to the Junior College Report! While winter snow had been making an impact on some of the games, and a lot of practices, the season is still fully underway and we have some big results to talk about, a brand new poll, video, and some BIG upcoming games. Last week we saw some big opening weekend results from February, so let’s dive in to the frigid waters of early March! We might get more snow this weekend, but who cares? It’s lacrosse season!

NJCAA Top 10 Poll – March 5th, 2018

Poll Ranking) Team Name (Record, Total Poll Points, any 1st place votes, last week’s poll ranking)

1) Onondaga (2-0, 60, 6, 1)
2) Nassau (3-0, 54, 0, 2)
3) Howard (1-1, 47, 0, 3)
4) Genesee (0-0, 43, 0, 4)
5) Harford (1-0, 33, 0, 5)
6) Anne Arundel (0-2, 29, 0, 6)
7) Suffolk (1-0, 26, 0, 7)
8) Essex (0-1, 16, 0, 9)
9) Ocean County (2-0, 14, 0, 8)
10) Monroe (0-0, 6, 0, 10)

Also Receiving Votes: Hudson Valley (2-0, 1, 0, NR), Delaware Tech (2-0, 1, 0, NR)

Howard Vs Potomac State Game Video

Interesing Recent NJCAA Results

Nassau 21, Army Prep 6 – Nassau put up some goals, and it further goes to show that the Lions are looking improved from a very solid 2017 team. If NCC can keep this up, and continue to improve on defense, we could see a very different type of dynamic start to emerge come playoff time. Read a full game report, HERE.

Mercyhurst NE 15, Potomac State 12 – Remember, MNE didn’t win a game last year, and two years ago they didn’t have a program. This is MNE’s second win in 2018, and it’s a BIG one.

Suffolk 8, MNE 3 – The loss drops MNE to 2-2, but it was a good game and it shows that Suffolk’s defense can answer the bell when needed. Suffolk is looking solid and a program to keep an eye on this year.

Genesee 15, Monroe 10 – GCC’s win didn’t figure in to the poll this week as it was just played on Tuesday, but it gives GCC a win to start out, and it shows that Monroe is for real, and should be competitive. I like Genesee to improve a lot as the season goes on, so a win is a win right now. I’m very curious to see what Monroe can do the rest of the way as well!

BIG (Snow) Games Coming Up!

There are a couple midweek games going on, but I don’t expect too many surprises there. When you get to the weekend however, it all changes. We’ve got some huge games on tap, assuming they get played. It’s March snow season evidently, so travel can be tough, but if teams get there, maybe we’ll get some white out conditions lacrosse. Or we’ll just get normal lacrosse. I’ll take it either way.


UPDATE: Onondaga @ Nassau has been canceled. We will let you know if and when it is rescheduled. Hopefully it is rescheduled, as it’s a game I’ve been looking forward to greatly.

Onondaga @ Nassau – OCC vs NCC is always a great game to take in, and this time (like so many times before) it is a battle of #1 vs #2. Both squads are undefeated, the lower ranked team (NCC) is hosting the game, and it’s going to be a BATTLE! If you live on Long Island and you don’t go to this game then I have some suspect thoughts on you as a lacrosse fan. If you do NOT live on Long Island, you really should watch the game via livestream! Not only is it FREE, but Nassau does an exceptional job with their productions, and it’s definitely worth your time. Miss the game LIVE? NOT. A. PROBLEM. Nassau will have a full archive of On-Demand games as the season goes on. This is unreal, and while you can’t see it, I’m giving Nassau a standing ovation for their work here.

Here is a reminder of how good Onondaga Vs Nassau games can be:

More Awesome (Maybe Snow) Games

Ocean County @ Anne Arundel – Ooh baby! #6 is hosting #9, and OCC Jr wants to shock the world. AACC is still looking for their first win of the season, so you know they’ll be hungry on home turf. This has the makings of a statement game, and the only question is which team is going to make a more compelling argument. Can’t wait for this! If there are live stats or video, you can find it here.

Genesee @ Essex – #8 hosts #4 and both teams will have plenty of question marks about their opponents. Scouting reports could be suspect and in-game coaching and changes will be key, but when it comes down to it, the result in this game will come down to the players, and how much they have bought in to the team first concepts being taught. Little things could make a huge difference here.

Whether I previewed your game or not, I’d like to wish ALL the teams a safe weekend of travel, a fun and competitive lacrosse contest, and continued success and improvement as 2018 marches on. Goodbye to the Nones, hello to the Ides!