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China lacrosse 2014 World Lacrosse Championship
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Sons of China: Battle Tested

Editor’s Note: Dylan Bassham keeping us filled in on what’s goin’ on with the Chinese National Team and their first trip to the World Lacrosse Championship. Don’t miss this great piece Dylan wrote for us a while back highlighting the Chinese lacrosse history as well as his connections to the game.

Battle Tested

Team China was just as busy today as we were yesterday, and I’m sure our schedule will be similar throughout the entire tournament.

We were able to practice at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Fields where the tournament games will be held. It is an unbelievable complex for an unbelievable event.

After that, we returned to our favorite Chinese restaurant since all of the Chinese players miss their home and their delicious cooking. Luckily we found a place that everyone can enjoy.

After a short break, we headed off to Kent Denver High School to scrimmage Argentina. It was a hard-fought defensive battle, but they came out on top this time.

China vs Argentina lacrosse

However, we moved the ball well, communicated in both Mandarin and English and even some Spanish, and both teams came out better than before. Argentina can move the ball well and has a relentless defense that never gives up.

Following the scrimmage, both teams shared an old fashioned American BBQ and bonded over the sport of lacrosse. Friendships are made through this sport that we all love, regardless of language barriers or cultural differences.

All the more reason to Grow The Game.

Check out my recap from Day 1 and Coming Together as a Team to follow China’s journey to the States!