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Chinese lacrosse national team
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Sons of China: Coming Together as a Team

Editor’s Note: Dylan Bassham keeping us filled in on what’s goin’ on with the Chinese National Team and their first trip to the World Lacrosse Championship. Don’t miss this great piece Dylan wrote for us a while back highlighting the Chinese lacrosse history as well as his connections to the game.

Coming Together as a Team

We had a 7:45 AM meeting to give formal introductions for Coaches Mike Elefante, Barton Wheeler, and Gordon Muldoon.

We headed off to our first breakfast as a team. Many of the Chinese were expecting, but not fully prepared, for their first real American breakfast.

Soon after we readied ourself for our first real test as a team. We sprinted and jogged an hour at a local park. Everyone showed perseverance and powered through the jet lag and high altitude.

For many in this tournament, Denver’s mile-high altitude will be much higher than their normal training altitude. Hopefully the fatigue does not affect the play too much.

We then headed over to a delicious asian cuisine restaurant to give the Chinese players a little taste of home. Everyone was reenergized, refueled, and ready for the upcoming practice.

We then drove to Golden High School where we received our helmets and strapped up to play for the first time together as a team. The stick skills of the Chinese is MUCH improved from last summer in the ASPAC 2013 Tournament in Beijing.

I hope to surprise some people this tournament, and I know we will.

Check out my recap from Day 1 to follow China’s journey to the States!