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China lacrosse 2014
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Sons of China: Ups and Downs

Editor’s Note: Dylan Bassham keeping us filled in on what’s goin’ on with the Chinese National Team and their first trip to the World Lacrosse Championship. Don’t miss this great piece Dylan wrote for us a while back highlighting the Chinese lacrosse history as well as his connections to the game.

Ups and Downs

Weather has been a bit of a factor here in Denver for every team participating in the World Championships recently. After warming up twice and even playing fifteen seconds in the first quarter, our game with Italy was yet again delayed.

China lacrosse 2014

This took us out of our mindset and we came out very flatfooted. We fell to Italy 18-5 but took many steps in the right direction. The final score was not indicative of how we played and while we were not happy with the outcome, we all got better.

The day after we played Norway for the last game in the Green Division. Let’s just say that game went pretty similarly to the others.

HOWEVER, on July 14th, 2014, China Lacrosse took a huge step forward as it took on and defeated Argentina 9-7.

China lacrosse 2014

This was the first victory in China Lacrosse history and the win was kickstarted by the first goal of the day by Ye Huabao. It was the first time China held a lead all tournament and we never looked back.

This will be a historic day in China Lacrosse history and something all of us in the China Lacrosse community will never forget.

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