Florida Killer bee lacrosse helmet yellow lax cascade
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South Florida Box Lacrosse Vacation + VIDEO

I spent last week down in Florida with Rachel’s family, and it was nice to get away for a couple of hours each day to relax during what was a half-vacation.  But I’m not complaining!  It gave me a great chance to head on down to LacrosseWear’s headquarters and take in their massive expansion firsthand, meet up with Doug Shanahan and Bo Lamon to talk about the growth of Florida lax, and take in a little box lacrosse SoFla style.  All that and when I stopped by a thrift shop (I live in Brooklyn.  I can’t help myself.) I spotted two pairs of lax shorts.  That’s how you know the game is really growing!  Lax shorts EVERYWHERE!  Oh yeah, in the video below there is also a MATTE BLACK Cascade CPro-7.  Yup, you heard that right.

Florida thrift shop lacrosse shorts
Yup. Everywhere.

Oh, and every single image and video in this post was taken with an Iphone.  I just got one (I know, welcome to the 21st Century.) and am trying it out.  So far, big fan.

LacrosseWear’s headquarters were impressive.  I worked for Bo Lamon at LW for about… 3 weeks maybe right before I moved back North.  And I was impressed with the operation he had back then.  I hardly recognized the place upon my return.  The store is the same size, but even in August, when inventory is at its lowest, the store still looked that much better.  Well organized, and eye-catching.  They’ve done a great job of maximizing their space.  The whole operation is now at least twice as big and they’ve got a nice set up of offices and multi-purpose rooms.  It made me that much hungrier to get LAS some Team office space down the line!

But what really impressed me at LacrosseWear was the in-house machining and capabilities.  To be honest, I was kind of blown away.  A lot of uniform suppliers farm out a lot of work, whether it is the sublimation, sewing, embroidery, etc, etc.  But I’m pretty sure LW could do it ALL in-house.  Rare, and very cool to see and I think it translates nicely into control.  They don’t have to wait on contractors.  They can just do it.  I like it.  Who says manufacturing is dead in the US?!?!

And yes, LacrosseWear has been using this to create some pretty rad uniform designs.  They did the uniforms for Burnt Orange up at Placid, and these Cuse grads must have loved taking home the Master’s Championship in those uniforms.  The shorts logo was particularly good.

LacrosseWear burning orange syracuse logo
Old Man Orange.

And then there were the Quint Kessenich jerseys.  So funny.  These were all over InsideLacrosse last week.  His face is just so BIG.

LacrosseWear Quint Kessenich Jersey uniform OC Illadelph
Quint, people LOVE you!

After the tour of the shop, and a quick survey of some recent short designs (giveaways happening soon!), we headed over to Bo’s place so he could get ready for indoor.  I checked out his pool and, of course, the LacrosseWear logo was there.  That’s high level dedication!

Lacrossewear pool logo
Note to self: get LAS themed pool. First, get house.

The Box Lacrosse arena was one I’ve been to many times.  There were more guys there than I had ever seen during my 6 months in SoFla and they even had to divide up into 3 teams.  Lots of HS kids, current college players home for the Summer and a couple of older guys, including Rich Barbour (who must be over 5o by now), Doug Shanahan (MLL, Hofstra, Team USA) and Bo Lamon, amongst a couple of others I didn’t know as well.

The play was good with guys getting a good run in.  A lot of the play was still very field oriented with guys dodging from up top down alleys, but there were also flashes of dodging down a wing, rolling back and feeding stacked offensive players coming through the crease.  Considering most of the guys out there were really pure field players, the level of box play was high.  The arena needs to find a way to get boards behind the cages though.  Right now there are soccer goals there and it definitely affects the game.  If that does happen, there is roller hockey rink in the facility as well, where box could be played, and I would definitely think a full on box league and tournaments could be held there.  Makes you think though!  Box in Florida could be big, especially in the sweltering, and at times, stormy Summers.

[fvplayer src=”https://youtube.com/watch?v=HawyjyXcxP0″ splash=”https://i.ytimg.com/vi/HawyjyXcxP0/hqdefault.jpg” caption=”Bo Lamon, Doug Shanahan and SoFla Box Lacrosse”]

It was great to see all the HS kids out there, and guys like Bo and Doug sharing knowledge and Growing The Game.  Tip of the hat, gentlemen!

Some more shots, because why not?

Iphone florida moon photo
IPhone no likey shoot at night?
Morikami Museum Japanese Gardens Boca Raton Florida
Who knew there was a Japanese Garden in WEST Boca Raton? Morikami! It was awesome.
Morikami Museum Japanese Gardens Boca Raton Florida Bonsai Tree
10000% worth it.
LacrosseWear uniforms
Love the simple awesomeness of these.
Florida Killer bee lacrosse helmet yellow lax cascade
This helmet was just cool. State Pride, right?

And I probably listened to this song 100 times while I was down there.  Just something about Florida, I guess!

[fvplayer src=”https://youtube.com/watch?v=TiQ8N8YSueg” splash=”https://i.ytimg.com/vi/TiQ8N8YSueg/hqdefault.jpg” caption=”david guetta in love with myself”]