SouthEastern Lacrosse Conference SELC Preseason Show
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The SouthEastern Lacrosse Conference is Underway

Prepare yourself for the most in-depth look anyone is taking at the MCLA, let alone the SELC. Last Saturday, the Liberty Flames Sports Network (LFSN) hosted their first show of the lacrosse season and boy is it a doozy.

We’ve got over 60 minutes of SouthEastern Lacrosse Conference analysis from Rett McGibbon, Dave Franklin, Patrick Strawn, Brandon Cockburn and Monika McKenzie discussing the upcoming season and looking at the preseason polls.

Virginia Tech and Liberty are clear leaders once again heading into the 2015 season, but there are 20 other teams in the conference that can make a run any given year. Both teams don’t get started until the weekend of February 19-21, yet the season kicked off last weekend and we already see a 2-0 record from the Florida Gators and the South Carolina Gamecocks handled UNCC with ease.

Auburn has fallen to 0-2, losing both games by only two goals, while Vanderbilt (0-2) and Ole Miss (0-2) is also struggling to get started.

The only problem I have with this video is their awesome graphics are spoiled by the women’s Harrow sticks used on the main screen. C’mon man!

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