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Spartans 2.2

Getting physical on D.

I’m always a few weeks late with my game recaps. This week, we’ll cover our rivalry game against High Point.

Once again, we lost. This time it was for a different reason, but it was just as stinging. We had more players show up, which is always good. We went from 13 up to a whopping 14. The more subs, the better.

We got a lot of contribution from our freshmen.  Specifically speaking, our goalie Mitchell Watson made, by far, the most amazing save anyone of us had seen at any level. How many keepers do you know that dive and make saves in mid-air, while fully stretched out?

Didn’t think so.

Anyway, our biggest issue this game was the number of mental errors. Fundamentals, really.  I mean, how many times can you get an offsides penalty before you start paying attention to how many guys are back?

What’s done is done. We learned from it, hopefully, and we go into our biggest game of the fall this Sunday when we take on Elon.

Yes, that Elon. The one who has been ranked in the MCLA D2 top 10 for the past 3-4 years. The one that is the reigning SELC champ. That Elon.

Freshman Connor Dey clears the ball out
Senior Rick DeNenno takes the ball upfield while running a little close D action
Freshman keeper Mitchell Watson making a save
Here's Rick taking a shot while playing attack. He's kind of versatile.
And here he is again. Taking another shot.
Check out the sniper victim...

Like I said, we lost. 7-6. I hate close losses. Elon at home on Sunday, then Duke at home, then at UNC. Spring season starts on February 5th with a game against my good friends at Charlotte. Should be fun.

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