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Spartans: 2.3

The Lax is back with more Carolina goodness. The numbers are improving, so that’s a start!

On October 24, we had our first home game of the fall season. Luckily we had a season high 15 players show up and put on quite a contest.

Pre-game line ups. Lots of Yellow!
Just noticed our goalie is wearing the lizard tail. Highly disappointed.
Freshman Conor Dey. You've been seeing his name a lot, haven't you?
Rocking a sweet sweet Maverik fitted hat while walking the sideline
Game over. Final score: 5-3 Elon

We lost. Again. That brings us to a fall ball record of 0-3. Second close game.  Again, a game filled with mental mistakes.

We need to eliminate that in order to be successful. You know that. I know that. Our third line (if we have one) middie knows that. We were also missing one of our best players.  No, that that’s an excuse.  There’s no excuse for a loss.

I’ll give us credit though. We played Elon within 2 goals. 2010 SELC champ and finished the season Top 10 last year. If theres a good loss, this would be it.

Next up, we take on Duke!  Also a big announcement regarding my coaching situation!  (Editor’s note: what a tease!)


Schedules are slowly trickling in. I’ll be posting all the ones I found sometime soon.

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