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Spartans: The Final Countdown

Like I said in my last UNCG post, we played Duke on November 7th. I made my head coaching debut, due to Coach Wright‘s previous commitment involving a tournament in Atlanta.

All I wanted for my birthday was a win.

I failed. We lost 1-8.

I think I’ll stick to being an assistant for a while.  One of my downfalls was my complete lack of knowledge on how to run an offense.  I know zero offensive sets/plays/anything.

Duke sure has a lot of good lacrosse players on campus.

Defense is another story. Defense is my specialty. Simple, yet sophisticated. Granted we didn’t run a solid defense. I mean, we allowed 8 goals. But hey, this Duke team is above and beyond the Duke team we played against last year. In fact, they are even coached by a player on the NCAA squad.

I wish I had actual pictures from the game, but I didn’t see anyone out there with a camera.

Special thanks go to Eli Barmer‘s parents for hosting a cookout in the parking lot after the game. Very nice to have parents involved like that.

Last week, I also said that I’d have a big announcement regarding my coaching position.

This was my last game as a member of the UNCG staff. I made a decision that seemed like one in my best interest. I will not air out any issues I had with the team.  I will say I was happy to work with them and I wish them the best of luck this season.

As for my coaching future, I met with another local team to see if there was interest in adding me on to their staff. I came away from our meeting pleased. The practice I attended did nothing but impress me. The coaching staff is excellent and the players are good. And dedicated.

Since I don’t yet have the position, I won’t reveal any names. However, a LAS coaching match-up could be in the future!

Is that Harvard? I can't see so good.