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SportsCenter Top Plays: Stephen Keogh Goal Between The Legs

After Tim Desko scored one of his famous between-the-legs goals, he was asked where he learned to do something like that. His answer? Simply by watching Cody Jamieson and Stephen Keogh, which if you’ve seen them play, isn’t much of a surprise at all. On Friday night Keogh reminded us how it’s done, with this goal that earned the #6 spot on Sportscenter’s Top Plays:

For the record, that’s back-to-back weekends where a member of Syracuse’s class of 2011 has made it to Top Plays (that’s just a heads-up to Joel White, John Galloway, et al; no pressure, fellas.)

Keogh’s goal came during a 13-12 loss, but the Nationals don’t have to wait long for another shot at the Machine: they hopped on a bus to Ohio right after the game for a Saturday night rematch.

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