Falling Skies on TNT has Cascade Lacrosse Pro 7 Helmet
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Spotted: Cascade Lacrosse Helmet in Falling Skies TV Show

Spotted - lacrosse in unexpected places

Editor’s note: Welcome back to another great installment of “Spotted”. With your help, we hope to shine a light on lacrosse spotted in unexpected places, whether it be on TV or in real life. If you find any aspect of lacrosse in a place you didn’t expect it, we would love to hear from you. Take a quick photo or video and submit it at LaxAllStars.com/Contribute!

Apparently the TV show Falling Skies on TNT is a big hit with LAS Nation because we received this spotting from three different people! Thanks to readers Richard, Blake, and Sean for all letting us know about this spotting.


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Spot lacrosse somewhere unexpected? Let us know through our Contribute page!