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Spotted: Lacrosse Goalie In CokeZero Hockey Ad

Scotty Komer is a professional box lacrosse goalie, which means he is from Canada. Being from Canada, it is likely that he played quite a bit of hockey in addition to all that lacrosse. Seeing as Komer looks nothing but natural as the goalie in the above Coke Zero commercial (aside from all the goals he let in), we’d say he definitely played some puck as a kid. Also, we know that he played a little hockey growing up because we stalk him… just a little bit.

Komer is also the front man for Love You To Death; a band and an amateur box lacrosse team named after said band, which plays in Prague some, but not all, years. Komer is a hysterical man, excellent goalie, and top notch teammate. Upon request, he clearly makes a pretty solid sieve and will devour napkins like a velociraptor, especially when eating ribs.

Next up on the Canadian commercial landscape, I want to see a Sprite ad featuring Komer playing box lacrosse goalie, and Drake and Sydney Crosby playing box lacrosse against each other. The idea can be that Syd the kid stole Drake’s girl when they were both 12 years old, and now they want to battle for her, but can’t have a rap battle or a hockey game to decide it because Crosby would dominate in both (see what I did there?). Instead they play box lacrosse to a zero-zero tie and Komer walks off victorious, with their 12 year old girlfriend. Except she got older too, otherwise it would be creepy.

Did the above make any sense whatsoever? NO? Good, that means you’re on your toes today. Get back to business.