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Spotted: Lacrosse on Texans Doug West's Desktop
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Spotted: Lacrosse on Texans Doug West’s Desktop

Editor’s note: Welcome to another installment of “Spotted,” where we shine a light on lacrosse spotted in unexpected places, such as on TV, in a movie, or even in real life. Be sure to drop us a line if you spot the beautiful sport of lacrosse in a place you didn’t expect.

Thanks to Joe Keegan we have spotted lacrosse in another interesting place. This time it just happens to be the desktop background for the Houston Texan’s Vice President of Football Operations, Doug West. I am guessing the picture is of his son but I’ve been wrong before.

This isn’t the only connection lacrosse has to the NFL. Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick has close ties to lacrosse. Belichick played at Wesleyan in college and has passed his passion for the game down to his kids. His daughter is the Head Coach of Holy Cross’s Women’s Team and his oldest son used to play at Rutgers.

Jim Brown is another person who made a big impact in the NFL and played lacrosse in college. This guy is a legend and its great that he was a lacrosse player for a period of his life.

The list doesn’t end here. If you want to know more people who played lacrosse and in the NFL, check out our other article: Former Lacrosse Players in the NFL.

Spotted - lacrosse in unexpected places