Tutorial: Stacked Special Interlock
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Stacked Special Interlock in 7 Easy Steps

While stringing up a couple of fresh new sticks this weekend, I started thinking about all of the different methods I use while stringing.

My mind was racing on where I place my knots, the right uses for the various types of knots, how I bunch mesh to form a specific type of pocket, etc. I figured I couldn’t be the only one having these sorts of thoughts and I realized that others may be interested in some of the methods I use too.

SSI’s are used to form your pocket while keeping the channel tight. As a simple rule of thumb, I’d say you should only use one or two of them in a pocket.

If you use more than a couple of them per sidewall, the pocket will be bag out and become illegal in no time.

As always after you bunch your diamonds, you have to crank the mesh down to get a defined, consistent pocket.

You can use 1’s or SI’s. I like using SI’s whenever I use the SSI because the pocket is more aesthetically pleasing. That might just be preference, but I think it looks nice.

SSI Tutorial

Today, I am going to demonstrate to you the Stacked Special Interlock (SSI). I use this knot a lot in my stringing and I find it to be very useful in forming a pocket while keeping a top-notch channel.

I am starting this tutorial from the top-middle of the sidewall, a solid 1.5-2″ down the head and I have already locked the mesh down at the top, so this tutorial begins when I would start to work on forming the pocket shape.

Step 1

Tutorial: Stacked Special Interlock

Start by going down through the top of the mesh.

Step 2

Tutorial: Stacked Special Interlock

Go back down through another 10 diamond row of mesh.

Step 3

Tutorial: Stacked Special Interlock

Go through the outside of the sidewall hole.

Step 4


Go back through the loop like you are forming an interlock.

Step 5


Pull tight!

Step 6

Tutorial: Stacked Special Interlock

Go back up through the bottom of the mesh.

Step 7

Tutorial: Stacked Special Interlock

Pull tight and it should look like this!
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This is a little theory behind SSI’s and why I use them. Let your voices be heard in the comments below if you enjoyed this little segment or if there are any stringing techniques you would like to see in an upcoming post!

But until next time my friends, go out, get those fingers moving and get a little better everyday.