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Stick Trick Saturday: Stall Ya Later
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Stick Trick Saturday: Stall Ya Later

Editor’s note: Welcome back to Stick Trick Saturday! This fun lacrosse video series is made possible thanks to the unyielding support of Wolf Athletics, creator of the innovative Ghost Lacrosse Shaft. We hope you enjoy!

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Learning how to stall the ball on the sidewall of your lacrosse stick can lead to better performance with the ball on the field. But shoot – if you’re reading this you’re likely already a stick trick aficionado. The last thing you need from me is a lesson on the benefits of spending quality time with your lacrosse stick.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-thumb-tack” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] To anyone stopping by for very first time, click here to get clued in on how YOU can win 2 tickets to the MLL All-Star game. All you have to do is enter our [mks_highlight color=”#eeee22″]Stick Trick Competition[/mks_highlight] and play along by answering each challenge! Today’s episode marks Week 6 of the competition, so things are just beginning to heat up. And yes, it’s [mks_highlight color=”#eeee22″]open to all ages![/mks_highlight]

For those who don’t know me, my name is Jeff. I’m a twenty-nine year old who gets more and more passionate for the game of lacrosse every single day. Mark asked me to take a swing at guest hosting STS this week, so here goes!

If you’re an avid lacrosse enthusiast, you likely already know how to easily pull off a stall. By the time you’re my age, you can do a stall with your eyes closed.

Something that isn’t as easy is landing stall after stall up to the double digits, all without dropping that pearly white biscuit. If you can stall a long time and end with a cool transition, suddenly you’ll have yourself a combo that will demolish your friend’s.

This week, I challenge to stall 10 times in row. Catch the ball on one sidewall and then tossing it up and catch it on the other, back and forth, until you’ve achieved 5 stalls on each side. Next, tee yourself up lacrosse-style and smack that biscuit home! Pace out how far you hit it, and prove it all on camera. I might even hook you up with a Grow The Game tee if you can beat my distance!

4 Easy Steps

  1. Complete 10 Stalls (5 per side of head)
  2. Throw the ball up and hit it as far as you can
  3. Count out your distance and get it all on film
  4. Send in your video with the instructions below!

If you’re playing along, please email your entry to using subject line “Stick Trick Entry – Week 6″, include your full name, and consider proper punctuation! ;-)

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Thanks to our awesome partners over at SISU Guard, we were able to hook up the following three contestants up with their very own mouth guards for showing us their awesome game faces!

  • Cam Shelley
  • Brady Price
  • Brian Spinner

Last week Mark introduced bonus prizes into the mix starting with his favorite mouth guard! Picking just three winners was a tough job, but we made it happen, thanks to everyone who showed us their game faces! Winners will be contacted via email for their preferred size and color.

2015 STS Competition Leaderboard

Not on the leaderboard? Don’t sweat it. There’s still over 5 months left to collect entries in this competition, so enter now and you still have a good chance at that Grand Prize!

Congratulations to everyone in First Place this week, you earned your first STS Competition Prize!

First Place (5 Points)

  • AJ Coronado
  • Alex Wright
  • Brian Spinner
  • Cameron Irlbeck
  • Cam Shelley
  • Colin Meijas-Sager
  • Eric Huben
  • Ford Hiller
  • Gabriel Sgambettera
  • Hays Edmunds
  • Hunter Bitner
  • Kaleb Manes
  • Mark Kelm
  • Matthew Hegedus
  • Nick Petta
  • Nick Wirght
  • Rebecca Kinsley
  • Reid Boisture
  • Trent Pruna

Enjoy this week’s episode? Spread the word! Sharing your enthusiasm for our sport is a great way to help grow the game!