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Boston University Providence NCAA D1 2018 Photo Ryan Conwell stat freaks
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Stat Freaks – Week 12

This week’s Stat Freaks was a season low, which isn’t too much of a shock as schedules are now starting to lighten up a little bit. Only 34 names in total made the list this time around, and of those 12 of them were newcomers. This is also the time of year where big performances tend to be really big. For some, it’s an extraordinary effort to keep the season alive. For others, it’s the chance to get in a game to remember before their career ends with graduation shortly. No matter the reason, the end of the season is where you can make the biggest impact.

Now on to the Stat Freaks!

Stat Freaks – Week 12

Offense: The Cutoff here is a combined 7 goals and/or assists

Chris Gray – Boston U.: 5G, 4A, 8 Shots vs. Bucknell
Will Hirschmann – Delaware: 7G, 1A, 14 Shots vs. Drexel
Ben Reeves – Yale: 4G, 3A, 12 Shots vs. Harvard
Asher Nolting – High Point: 2G, 5A, 4 Shots vs. Mercer
Stephano Mastro – Mt. St. Mary’s: 5G, 2A, 11 Shots vs. Wagner
Brendan McCarthy – Mt. St. Mary’s: 2G, 9A, 8 Shots vs. Wagner

Defense:  For here, you need 8 GBs, CTs, and/or points

Reece Eddy – Canisius: 7GB, 3CT, 1G vs. Monmouth
Ryan Beville – Jacksonville: 6GB, 2CT, 1A vs. VMI
Charlie Hayes – Detroit Mercy: 8GB, 4CT, 2G vs. Cleveland St.
Skylar Jimenez – Cleveland St.: 4GB, 4CT vs. Detroit Mercy
Adam Bellamy – Quinnipiac: 9GB, 1CT, 1A vs. Marist
George Baughan – Princeton: 4GB, 4CT, 1G vs. Cornell
Ryan Terefenko – Ohio St.: 8GB, 1CT, 2A vs. Rutgers
Nick DeCaprio – Michigan: 8GB, CT vs. Penn St.
Jack Toomb – Robert Morris: 7GB, 2CT vs. Saint Joseph’s
Austin Smith – Saint Joseph’s: 4GB, 4CT vs. Robert Morris
Joseph Cipoletti – Sacred Heart: 4GB, 4CT vs. Hobart
Jared Conners – Virginia: 5GB, 4CT vs. Notre Dame
John Sexton – Notre Dame: 8GB, 2CT, 1A vs. Virginia
John Tachon – NJIT: 11GB, CT vs. UMass Lowell

Faceoffs: Greater than 70%, at least 10 attempts

Sean Christman – Boston U.: 18/25, 8 GB vs. Loyola Maryland
Charlie Erdmann – Vermont: 16/19, 5 GB vs. UMBC
Trevor Baptiste – Denver: 11/13, 7 GB, 1G vs. Marquette
Hunter Forbes – Jacksonville: 16/20, 10 GB vs. VMI
Conor Mackie – Yale: 15/20, 10 GB vs. Harvard
Michael Autry – Bellarmine: 10/13, 5 GB vs. Furman
Ted Ottens – Brown: 12/16, 7 GB, 1G vs. Dartmouth
TD Ierlan – Albany (NY): 15/20, 9 GB, 1G vs. Hartford
Justin Inacio – Ohio St.: 18/21, 5 GB vs. Rutgers
Trey Arnold – Robert Morris: 13/17, 6 GB vs. Saint Joseph’s

Goalies:  Greater than 70%

Hunter Braun – UMass Lowell: 8/11 Saves vs. NJIT
Tim Troutner – High Point: 8/9 Saves, 2GB, 1CT vs. Mercer
James Spence – Lehigh: 11/15 Saves, 2GB vs. Colgate
Paxtin Powell – Hampton: 10/14 Saves, 2GB vs. St. Thomas Aquinas

Freak of the Week:

With so few performances to start with, it’s no shock to see that the goalie count is so small. High Point’s Tim Troutner gets the most credit in this category, almost getting shutout to his name before Zach Tuell took over to finish the game. For faceoffs, I do love Baptiste’s stat line quite a bit, but I think the most impressive performance along with implications has to be Inacio from Ohio State. Only losing three against Rutgers in a huge game for the Buckeyes should not be overlooked.

For offenses, the most clutch performance was without question Chris Gray from BU. 9 points in their big upset over Bucknell is exactly what you want to see from your great players. I have to tip my hat to Brendan McCarthy, though. 11 points would probably get the weekly honor for me in most weeks, but we’re no longer in most weeks. I’m putting much more stock into the opponent.

That leaves us with the defense. Short Stick Charlie Hayes once again put in a massive performance with 8GBs, 4 cause turnovers AND two goals. Ridiculous. Ohio State’s Terefenko was no slouch, either. Also with 8GBs, but only 1 caused turnover and 2 assists, is also impressive, but a slight step behind. The one I have to go with when considering the circumstances has to be Sexton out of Notre Dame. The Irish had their backs against the wall going into the weekend and dominated UVA to take home the ACC title. Sext was without question a major part of their ability to capitalize on UVA’s mistakes and get some goals the other way.

So your Freak of the Week: John Sexton, Notre Dame.

2018 Top Freaks:

This table shows which players have made the list the most, along with the corresponding count.

Name – School #
TD Ierlan – Albany (NY) 11
Trevor Baptiste – Denver 9
Charlie Hayes – Detroit Mercy 8
Kenny Massa – Bryant 7
Justin Guterding – Duke 7
Kyle Walsh – VMI 7
Michael Sowers – Princeton 7
Hunter Forbes – Jacksonville 7

8 others tied with 6.

Most Freaks by school:

Team Freaks
Albany (NY) 25
Yale 17
VMI 17
Quinnipiac 17
Massachusetts 16
Denver 16
Princeton 15
Penn St. 15
Loyola Maryland 15
Detroit Mercy 15

Most Freaks allowed against by school:

Team Allowed
Wagner 18
Canisius 12
Furman 12
Marist 12
Princeton 11
UMass Lowell 11
Holy Cross 11
Dartmouth 11
Navy 11
Richmond 11

I hope you’ve enjoyed Stat Freaks this year, we’ll keep it going right through the end!