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steele stanwick goal lacrosse

Steele Stanwick Scores From The Ground… Again!

Weeks after a ridiculous assist from the ground, Virginia’s Steele Stanwick returns with yet another college lacrosse play that simply amazes, this time against Maryland.

With three goals and five assists against Maryland on Saturday, Steele Stanwick is only fourteen points away from becoming UVA’s all-time leading point scorer. Depending on how far the Cavaliers go in the ACC and NCAA tournaments, he’s got at least five more games to get there (and he’s averaging almost five points per game; gotta like those odds).

steele stanwick goal lacrosse
i guess this move IS physically possible.

But this isn’t about Steele’s point totals or his team’s return to the top of the polls, this is about the fact that Steele Stanwick doesn’t even need feet to put up points anymore.  Remember this assist in the Face-Off Classic?

Steele added another play to his highlight reel in Virginia’s 12-8 win with this shot:

Double-teamed, on the ground and one-handed? Cradling even while he’s in the air? Sheesh. Sorry Terps, not sure what else you’re supposed to do about that.

More impressive: feeding from your back or scoring from your knees?

Both are ridiculous.

The Tewaaraton is Steele’s to lose, right?  I’m thinking UMASS needs to have a much better NCAA tourney than UVA before they will consider giving it to Will Manny instead.  Don’t think post-season performance is a huge factor?  Ask some still-angry Cornell fans. When is Rob Pannell coming back, anyway?

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