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Stephen Gaskill III: Colonial Clash All-Star Profile

We’re continuing our player profiles from the Colonial Clash All-Tournament team at the PrimeTime Lacrosse event. Today’s all-star is Stephen Gaskill III from Penguins Select Lacrosse.

Gaskill has played for Harlem Lacrosse-Boston, which is a chapter of Harlem Lacrosse that merged with Metro Lacrosse, according to the Boston Globe. Gaskill impressed at the Harlem Lacrosse Showcase at TechBoston Academy in May of last year.

Stephen Gaskill III reclassified for his junior year, transferring to Nobles & Greenough from Pope John, earning a scholarship to the New England boarding school.

The rising junior competed for the Penguins Select Lacrosse team at the Colonial Clash last fall.

Gaskill told the Boston Globe, “For me, personally, [lacrosse] has done a lot,” said Gaskill. “Lacrosse got me to where I am. It got me to the ISL. It’s given me a lot and I want to give it a lot as well.”

PrimeTime Lacrosse put on an incredible event at the Colonial Clash. If you’d like to see PrimeTime’s 2020 schedule and register for an event, click here.