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Stick Trick Saturday: Chicken Wing
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Stick Trick Saturday: Chicken Wing

Editor’s note: Welcome back to Stick Trick Saturday thanks to the unyielding support of Wolf Athletics, one of the most innovative lacrosse companies to join our stable of LAS Partners. LAS Insiders save BIG on the Ghost shaft from Wolf. We hope you enjoy!

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Let me start by saying that I am absolutely humbled and extremely impressed by all of you tricksters out there that sent in your moves for Week 1 of the Stick Trick Saturday Competition! Over 40 of you sent in videos doing your favorite tricks and now that the east week is behind us, let turn the heat up.

This week I’m doing what I call the Chicken Wing over beautiful Boise, Idaho! It’s all about turning your stick under your arm and stalling the ball on the same sidewall you started with.

Like I mention in the video, this trick is a whole lot easier if you start by getting the motions down without a ball. Add in the ball, nail the trick, get it on film and send it to for one more entry!

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Welcome to WEEK 2 of our 2015 Stick Trick Saturday Competition! Like always, everyone who sends in their stick trick videos for the first time will receive a LAS Prize Pack. But now, once you’ve submitted your first video, you will begin to collect points!

  • This week the user MUST submit 1 Video of a completed Chicken Wing!
  • 1 Video = 1 Point (Only 1 video per week may be submitted)
  • Every 5 points you will win a LAS Prize Pack, which will get bigger and better every time!

At the end of 6 months, the trickster with the most points will win a pair of tickets to the 2015 MLL Championship Game in Kennesaw, GA, on top of a ton of other great prizes!

Thanks to Wolf Athletics, we will add more prizes, chances to win and new challenges along the way to make sure everyone has a chance to get hooked up with some killer swag!

Leader Board

Since it is Week 2 of the competition, over 40 contestants are tied for FIRST PLACE! I want to give a special out out to Nick and Alex Wright for their awesome twin combo, Gabriel Sgambettera for the most dangerous background and Rebecca Kinsley for being the first female to submit a video!

Don’t worry, there’s still over 5 months of competitions to collect entries and win the Grand Prize!

First Place

  • AJ Coronado
  • Alex Wright
  • Andy Doan
  • Benett Saylor
  • Billy Mahecha
  • Billy Radney
  • Brian Spinner
  • Cam Shelley
  • Cameron Irlbeck
  • Colin Mejias-Sager
  • David Migliacci
  • Elijah Owen
  • Eric Hawthorne
  • Eric Huben
  • Ford Hiller
  • Gabriel Sgambettera
  • Griffin Kuhn
  • Hays Edmunds
  • Hunter Bitner
  • Jackson Morris
  • Jacob Green
  • Joe Burns
  • Jordan Eggebrecht
  • Justin Wyle
  • Kaleb Manes
  • Mark Kelm
  • Mason Ade
  • Matthew Hegedus
  • Michael Burns
  • Mike Schreiner
  • Nick Jackson
  • Nick Petta
  • Nick Wright
  • Olman Castro
  • Parker
  • Patrick Boyle
  • Rebecca Kinsley
  • Reid Boisture
  • Ryan Honis
  • Sean Banko
  • Tanner Hopper
  • Trent Pruna
  • Wallace McRae
  • Zac Barkel

Now it’s time to let the games begin! Go out and get to work, get yourself on film and send it in to to get hooked up with your first Tomahawk Shades prize pack or start collecting those entries!

Enjoy this week’s episode? Spread the word! Sharing your enthusiasm for our sport is a great way to help grow the game!