Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest – Playoff Bracket
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Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest – Playoff Bracket

The tribe has spoken! Votes were coming in until the final deadline and finally all of the ballots have been tallied. I’m stoked to reveal the 12 of you invited to our Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest Playoffs!

[mks_icon icon=”fa-youtube-play” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] Click here to watch all of the amazing videos that were in the running for the Top 12!

I’m guessing you’re so excited to find out who made the bracket of 12 that you probably skipped reading this to check the results below. If you didn’t, thanks for sticking around… now find out who moves on!

**Drum roll**

Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest Top 12

Stick Trick Saturday Round 2 Bracket

Seeding (Based on # of votes)

  1. Rebecca Kinsley
  2. Kaleb Manes
  3. Gabriel Sgambettera
  4. Carsten Petersen
  5. Dom Guarino
  6. Cameron Irlbeck
  7. Cam Shelley
  8. Mark Kelm
  9. Nick Wright
  10. Mason Ade
  11. Ford Hiller
  12. Alex Wright

The Rundown

Seeds 5-12 will now be required to submit a new combo video for the first round of playoffs! Seeds 1-4 received a bye based on their number of votes, the Top 4 also earned an extra week to prepare their combos for the Elite 8, starting on July 11th.

2 videos will be paired next to each other starting next week, July 4th. It’s your job to pick who moves on from each of the head to head competitions.

Let’s look at our pairing for Rd. 1 of the Playoffs!

  • Alex Wright vs Mark Kelm
  • Nick Wright vs Dom Guarino
  • Ford Hiller vs Cam Shelley
  • Mason Ade vs Cameron Irlbeck

Voting begins: Saturday, July 4th 9 a.m. ET

Prizes include (but aren’t limited to):

Ghost Shaft from Wolf Athletics, MLL Player Autographs, Lacrosse All Stars apparel, stringing supplies and more!

Important note: The Top 12 earned an extra bonus point in the overall Stick Trick Saturday competition, Rebecca Kinsley earned another bonus point by coming in first in voting. Bonus points do not affect the Combo Competition.

Each of the Top 12 will be contacted via email with further instructions for the contest.

Good luck!