Stick Trick Saturday- Hula Hoop
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Stick Trick Saturday: Hula Hoop

Editor’s note: Welcome back to Stick Trick Saturday thanks to the unyielding support of Wolf Athletics, one of the most innovative lacrosse companies to join our stable of LAS Partners. LAS Insiders save BIG on the Ghost shaft from Wolf. We hope you enjoy!

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Aloha broskis! It might have been a while since the last time you tried to hula with an actual hoop, so we are going to replace it with a brand new stick trick!

I’m calling this one the Hula Hoop for obvious reasons, the stick goes in a full 360 rotation around our hips!

Start by going in one direction and once you’ve got it down, reverse the trick and go the other way. You must keep your momentum going or this stick trick just won’t work.

Start slow and steady and then speed it up to impress your friends. It’s all in the hips.

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Last week’s trick, the Back Stop was a huge hit online! Thanks to everyone who sent in their take at last week’s trick and make sure to check out the fan submission video for the Danger Zone, these guys went off!

  • Cooper Bennett
  • Mark Kelm
  • Brycen
  • Travis Scribner
  • Zerick Ober
  • Eric Huben
  • Kaleb Manes
  • Brian Spinner

Thanks again to everyone who submitted their version of the Back Stop! You guys step it up a notch every week!

Now it’s time to get yourself on video completing the Hula Hoop and send it in to to get hooked you up with a very special Tomahawk Shades prize pack.

Enjoy this week’s episode? Spread the word! Sharing your enthusiasm for our sport is a great way to help grow the game!