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Stick Trick Saturday: Indian Pickup with a Twist

Editor’s note: Welcome back to Stick Trick Saturday thanks to the unyielding support of Wolf Athletics, one of the most innovative lacrosse companies to join our stable of LAS Partners. LAS Insiders save BIG on the Ghost shaft from Wolf. We hope you enjoy!

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Old Ghosty and I are back in Boise, kickin’ it out here with honest Abe. Since it’s Week 5 of the Stick Trick Competition, I’m going to start giving away some awesome prizes.

The Indian Pickup is a classic lacrosse move that we actually still see quite a bit a the higher levels of play. The Tornado is also one of those stick tricks that many lacrosse players master early and have in their arsenal for life. They both rely on a good deal of centripetal force to keep them flowing.

Start by snapping the ball up like a typical Indian Pickup, but right when you would typically crack your wrist back to bring the ball up to your ear, rotate the butt end up and over your hand like you do in the Tornado.

Put it all together, get it on video and well… you know what to do with it! Email them over to to collect another entry!

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Since it’s WEEK 5 of our 2015 Stick Trick Saturday Competition, some of you may be collecting point #5 and your first real prize!

SISU-Red-Royal-Gray_300x250 (1)For this week, we are also giving away something special: Three (3) lucky winners of my choosing are going to take home a SISU Guard in the color and size of their choosing!

How do you win the SISU Guard? Easy! Somewhere in your video you must show me your meanest game face! I will hand select my favorite 3 videos that include BOTH this week’s trick and your best game face to win your own SISU Guard!

Easy enough…. now get to it!

As per usual, anyone who sends in their stick trick video of the required trick for the first time will receive a LAS Prize Pack. After that first one, it’s all about collecting points. All bonus points received in the first 3 months will be added at the half way point!

  • This week the user MUST submit 1 Video of ALL 3 Basic Rotations!
  • 1 Video = 1 Point (Only 1 video per week may be submitted)
  • Every 5 points you will win a LAS Prize Pack, which will get bigger and better every time!

For your entry to count, you must do the Indian Pickup with a Twist and capture it on video.

The video must feature 1) Indian Pickup with an immediate Tornado as part of the initial trick 2) Your best game face (only if you want to win a SISU Guard)!

Entries must be in by the following Saturday morning!

At the end of 6 months, the trickster with the most points will win a pair of tickets to the 2015 MLL Championship Game in Kennesaw, GA, on top of a ton of other great prizes!

Thanks to Wolf Athletics, we will add more prizes, chances to win and new challenges along the way to make sure everyone has a chance to get hooked up with some killer swag!

Leader Board

Over 80 of you are now in the running for Stick Trick Champion and a pair of tickets to the 2015 MLL Championship Game in Kennesaw, GA!

You guys mastered the 3 Basic Rotations, now it’s time for things to get a little more tricky! I handed out a few more bonus points this week, but remember… they don’t count toward your score until the halfway mark!

  • Blindfold PropsReid Boisture
  • Best SkitEric Huben and Kaleb Manes
  • Coolest DogBrian Spinner
  • Best Team EffortReece Fleming
  • Fastest ComboHunter Bitner

Again, this week I’m only posting those tied for first place, I will begin posting the full standings after next week!

Not on the Leader Board? Don’t sweat it, there’s still over 5 months of competitions to collect entries and win the Grand Prize!

First Place

  • AJ Coronado
  • Alex Wright
  • Brian Spinner
  • Cam Shelley
  • Cameron Irlbeck
  • Colin Meijas-Sager
  • Eric Huben
  • Gabriel Sgambettera
  • Hunter Bitner
  • Kaleb Manes
  • Mark Kelm
  • Matt Hegedus
  • Nick Petta
  • Nick Wright
  • Rebecca Kinsley
  • Reid Boisture
  • Trent Pruna

Go out and get to work, get yourself on film and send it in to to get hooked up with your first Tomahawk Shades prize pack or start collecting those entries!

Enjoy this week’s episode? Spread the word! Sharing your enthusiasm for our sport is a great way to help grow the game!