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Stick Trick Saturday Mrs. Brunellle

Stick Trick Saturday: Mrs. Brunelle

Colton Raichl of Lacrosse All Stars is dedicating this one to Mrs. Brunelle who paid tribute to LAS member, Ryder Cochrane via Instagram. Show us if you can one up Colton’s moves in this installment of Stick Trick Saturday (12/14/2013).

It’s getting way too cold outside for Stick Trick Saturday, so this had to be a quick trick! I’ll get back indoors for some more combos in the next couple weeks. I toughed it out for you guys, check it out…

If you follow us on Instagram you saw Zoe Brunelle bust this trick out a couple weeks ago. Didn’t see it, well you’re in luck…

This trick was sent into us by Ryder Cochrane, the guy below who we based both of the previous videos off of. Thanks Ryder!

So if you have any unique tricks, please keep sending them in to us and your moves could be featured in the next Stick Trick Saturday! Keep working on those soft hands.

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