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Stick Trick Saturday: POWLAX Pitch

So last week we started off the string of partner tricks with the POWLAX Pass, partnering up with my man Patrick Chapla. Here it is again if you missed it.

This week, and for the coming weeks, the difficulty of these tricks will get harder and harder. For the POWLAX Pitch we are doing the same sort of thing.

Start off with the first person doing an around the world trick, and pass it to your partner with a pinwheel pass, who meanwhile is doing a double around the world, making sure the ball goes around the shaft twice.

Then pass it back to your partner with another pinwheel pass. Finally the person with the ball does a triple around the world and then ends the trick with personal style.

Sound confusing? This is what Patrick and I came up with at the 2014 World Lacrosse Championships.

If you want to win a piece of POWLAX’s mesh, grab a partner, re-create this trick, and post the link to the video in the comments section below this article!

I have a piece of his ridiculous Switch Shooter mesh, and if no one can nail this trick it will not break my heart to keep it for myself! So get out there, nail the trick, film it and make me send you and your buddy a piece of mesh!

Think you can one up me? Let’s see what you got! Send in your homemade stick trick videos for a chance to be featured on next week’s Stick Trick Saturday! Check out previous week’s videos if this one seems a little advanced!