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colton raichl
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Stick Trick Saturday: The Hacky Sack

LAS Nation,

Someone out there has been putting in the work, have you? Our boy Max Murret hit up the tip line , showing off what he has had going on in the backyard. All Star weekend I showed you the “home run”, and Max knocked it out of the park, or did he? It takes lacrosse to make baseball look cool.

Thanks Max for putting your soft hands to work, I want the rest of you to get practicing and let me see the results!

This week’s stick trick is all about creativity. I’m just giving you a rough suggestion on what to do, but this trick depends on your own creativity.

So I really want to see what you all can bring to the table! Film yourself doing either some of the Stick Trick Saturday tricks, or come up with your own and they may be featured in an upcoming Stick Trick Saturday. Make sure to E-mail us a link to your video. Send it in to with a subject line of Stick Trick Saturday!

I cant wait to see what you can do!