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Stick Trick Saturday: The Down Under
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Stick Trick Saturday: The Down-Under

Editor’s note: Welcome back to new season of Stick Trick Saturday thanks to the unyielding support of Wolf Athletics, one of the most innovative lacrosse companies to join our stable of LAS Partners. SEASON 2 features a new host, an improved format, and some of the most amazing scenery from today’s up and coming lacrosse towns. We hope you enjoy!

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This week’s trick is a slight variant of the popular U-Turn, which we will re-visit in a future episode. The trick gets its name from bringing the ball DOWN after the catch and UNDER the shaft to pop it back out!

I wish I could take a trip to Australia for this week’s trick, but breaking out my Ghost shaft over the scenic Boise River is going to have to do.

(See above, strictly for inspiration)

I recommend starting small as usual, but then eventually building the trick into a workout.

I knock out 3 sets of 10 of these before I start working on more complicated tricks to get my hands moving while incorporating both sides of the heads and locking in my vision.

Without further ado…

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Now it’s time for this week’s Stick Trick Challenge: Upload a video clip of YOU landing the Down Under in the comments section below (you must sign-up or sign-in to comment), and we’ll hit you with an LAS Prize Pack. The deadline to enter is next Saturday, when the next episode goes live!

Enjoy this week’s episode? Use the buttons below to tell your lacrosse-loving friends! Sharing your passion for stick tricks is a great way to help grow the game.