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LAS Membership Expands: Join Us As We StringItForward

This week, we’re rolling out 2 new membership levels on our website. These are in addition to the standard FREE membership we will always offer.

MVP ($45) and GTG ($75) members receive the following: streaming access to Stringing Revolution, a 10-lesson video series that will teach you how pockets work and how to string for your game ($35 retail value; hosted by Greg Rose, who we like to think of as Bob Ross for lacrosse!), plus loads of exclusive MVP Members Only content (coming soon: Powell Hour!) and a little thing we like to call a “Stringer’s Pack” full of stringing supplies for each and every lacrosse all star out there.

Each MVP and GTG member also gets to choose a charity organization to support. Once signed up, we donate a stringing kit to the organization on the member’s behalf. We are doing this because we think that it is through stringing in which lacrosse players form their deepest passion for the game.

When we collect enough stringing kit donations for an organization, we’ll travel to its location and host a full day of free lacrosse education, including lessons in mesh and traditional stringing. And together with your help, that’s how we will #StringItForward.

If this all sounds of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to sign up. This #StringItForward initiative is something we all truly believe in, and if we can get enough people involved, it is going to go a very long way in shaping the future of our sport. As a member of Lacrosse All Stars, your exclusive access will go beyond a computer or a smartphone screen.

What starts today as an all access pass to the content on our website will lead to great deals from our partners and you-see-it-first opportunities featuring lacrosse documentaries, music, and gear. And then there are LAS Tailgaters, which we’d love to throw at key lacrosse events across the world, exclusively for you.

Don’t want to pay to sign up? There’s always our FREE membership, too. For the free viewer, the site really won’t be changing too much. Overall, our weekly output of free content will remain unaffected. Those who sign up for a paid membership will simply get more. They’ll also have a HUGE say in how we steer LAS moving forward, and we’ll always support them in whatever way we can just like they are supporting us.

And with that, we cordially invite you to join Lacrosse All Stars today by filling out the form below (Already a free member? Upgrade your account here). Together, we will #GrowTheGame!

– The LAS Team

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