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Chris Wilson’s Words of Wisdom – String League

Editor’s Note: Chris Wilson won Season 1 of String League, with some killer creations. String League asked him to give Season 2 Contestants some advice as he reflected on his experience last season, and as usual, he delivered!

Here is a quick quote from Justin Skaggs on what made Chris “Lacrosseman” Wilson the Season 1 winner:

“Chris Wilson deserved to win Season 1. He was exactly the kind of stringer we needed. His versatility and creativity was what brought him to the top of the competition.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Chris Wilson’s Words of Wisdom

Being part of String League 2015 was a fantastic experience, with each week pushing the boundaries of stringing in different directions, from classic traditional pockets to those using household materials!

chris wilson

The competition was based on a range of skills, not just technical experience. Thinking outside the box, creativity, video skills, and plenty of wall ball all had their place! The experience demonstrated to me that being able to combine these skills is what really creates a great competition stringer and I’ve continued to apply these skills to everything I produce.

String League has also been fantastic in helping me to reach out to more people in the lacrosse community and to share my work with them, especially via social media. I now provide a range of content on a daily basis to followers all over the world. It has given me the platform to engage with players, manufactures and enthusiasts and share my knowledge and experience with them.

MLL-ASG-2015-39-of-71-810x540 instagram-2

For me, stringing is my passion, for others, it’s my obsession, but wherever it takes me in the future, I will always remember the thrill of String League, which pushed my boundaries and technical skill to another level.

chris wilson

With amazing sponsors on board, I’m really looking forward to String League 2016. My advice to reaching this season’s final is to be consistent in everything you do, pay attention to detail, take your time and overall, be creative!

Good luck to all of you!