string league season 3
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String League Season 3 Is HERE!!!!

String League Season 3 is starting up for 2017! The best stringing series on the planet is back for another go, with more partners, more judges, more contestants, and more chances for YOU to get recognized as one of the best stringers in the game!

Welcome to String League Season 3!

I will be serving as the host of the show, and as the commissioner of the league for this season, so I’m taking off my judge’s hat, and looking my prettiest on camera.

12/10 would watch.

Wait, what’s String League?

If you don’t know what String League (SL) is already, now is the time to find out. First watch this video from Joe at Throne giving a behind the scenes look at some of the filming for Season 3:

SL is an annual contest, where the best lacrosse stringers come together for a challenging series of contests and competitions. Some are serious, and others are a little more silly, but ALL of them relate to stringing amazing pockets in lacrosse heads. It all culminates into a grand final, and we crown our yearly champion. Past winners include the one and only Lacrosseman, as well as the hyper talented FLStringer! If you don’t follow those two guys on Instagram already, do it now. Well worth it.

Here’s a little more info on String League Season 3, from Dustin Dohm, the founder and owner of String League:

In order to keep raising the bar this season was opened up to multiple sponsors on a per episode basis. There are returning legacy sponsors that have been supporting the league since season 1 including Stylin Strings Lax, East Coast Dyes, STX, & Throne. New sponsors signing on include Nike Lacrosse, Adidas Lacrosse, and Inside Lacrosse taking our episode tally to 7 up from 5 total last season.

The judges panel for each brand includes Greg Kenneally – ECD, Joe Williams – Throne, Tyler Bortner – Stylin Strings, Myles Jones – Adidas, Hiana Thompson – Nike, Kyle Devitte – Inside Lacrosse, & Kyle Harrison – STX.

If you make it to the top 6, you will compete in a 7 week tournament aired on the Stylin Strings Youtube Page as well as 1 minute clips on String League Instagram.

So now you know what String League is… ho do you get involved?

String League Season 3 – The Rules

You MUST follow @StringLeague on IG. To register for String League Season 3, you must go to and create an account between Thursday March 2nd, & Thursday March 16th. Once you have created an account you are then eligible to register for the event of String League Season 3. When you sign up for the event you will be able to login with your Instagram account. This is where you must be ready to post two pictures of a stick you strung as well as 1 video of you stringing it to validate that it is your work.

NOTE: Applicants Instagram account can not be set to ‘private’ – it MUST be set to ‘public’ in order to access your images/video for the contest sign up process.

NOTE: Your strung stick pics and video must be within your last 20 posts on your personal account in order for the API to grab and post in your account on making you eligible for voting. You must also tag @StringLeague and #StringLeagueSeason3entry in your posts for them to be eligible.

5. Season Schedule – Registration Hard Deadlines

Registration Opens: Thursday March 2nd
Registration Closes: Thursday March 16th

So there you have it, NOW is your chance to get involved, and possibly become one of the best known and respected stringers in the game. String League is the platform, do you have what it takes to make it?

We are really pumped to be involved in our third season of String League, and we want to welcome back all the old sponsors, as well as the new ones, for what is going to be an unreal season of stringing sticks! Thanks to everyone at Stylin Strings, Throne, East Coast Dyes, STX, Nike Lacrosse, Adidas Lacrosse, and our pals over at Inside Lacrosse for all getting involved. I see you Kyle Devitte!