string league season 3
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String League Season 3 – HOLY $#&@!

String League Season 3 dropped on us all last week and I’m having a hard time describing how I feel about it. You know when you’re involved in something you think is going to be really good, but then it blows your expectations out of the water, and you’re left speechless? That’s me right now.

From the production value to the competitors to the challenges, I really can’t believe how amazing it is this year. Honestly, it’s an honor just to be involved and hosting this darn thing!

If you care about stringing pockets, creativity, and just overall awesomeness, get on the String League Season 3 bandwagon, like, NOW.

Episode 1 dropped last Thursday, and Episode 2 drops TONIGHT, at 7pm, on the Stylin Strings YouTube channel. Yes, you need to check it out!

To get you primed up and ready to go, here is last week’s Episode 1, featuring the one and only Kyle Devitte of Inside Lacrosse. IL’s challenge was RIDICULOUS, but our stringers answered with poetic vigor. The winning pocket was just… I don’t even know. I never would have thought of that.

String League Season 3 – Episode 1

The Inside Lacrosse magazine pocket challenge. SUCH a doozy!

Thanks to Stylin Strings, Nike Lacrosse, Adidas Lacrosse, Inside Lacrosse, STX, Throne Lacrosse, and East Coast Dyes for making Season 3 the absolute best it could be. Make sure you watch it all, and stay on top of this amazing competition. There is NOTHING quite like it!

Each and every episode has unique twists and turns, and each weekly host puts their spin on the competition. If Week 1 is any indication, our amazing collection of stringers will live up to the challenge. If you want to get in on Season 4, you need to start practicing now. Seriously, that’s how good it’s gotten. Only 365 days until next season (way less actually, but that would’t be as funny)!

Head to for more info on SL!