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PG22-stx lacrosse gloves vintage
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STX Takes Up Hockey

STX has long been established as a major brand in lacrosse and field hockey. The company also makes golf equipment. And now the Baltimore-based manufacturer is getting into hockey, with their own padding and sticks.

While some companies (like Reebok) are currently pulling back on their team sports offerings, STX seems to be taking a different tack, by expanding their team sports operation. Since STX has long focused on stick and padding technology, while Reebok focused on shoes, this move does seem to make sense.

STX will expand their Baltimore offices and shipping location, and their distribution center will remain where it is currently located, at 1500 Bush Street, in Baltimore. STX has brought on Matt Hoppe, Rocco Amonte, and Sam Lacey to run the hockey division, and is currently hiring to fill out the division.