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LaxCon Lacrosse Head Dyed by Stylin Strings
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Stylin Strings celebrates #LaxCon with Major League Dye

To celebrate the 2015 US Lacrosse Convention, which took place over the weekend in Baltimore, we asked the crew at Stylin Strings to create their own one-of-a-kind #LaxCon themed dyed lacrosse head.

Just like they start every top notch project that comes out of the Stylin Strings dye lab, Justin Skaggs and his team kicked things off with a little brainstorm. With an initial concept chosen – a Maryland flag theme at the throat of the head that would transition to a jet black dye at the scoop, which would allow space for logos and text – the team decided to take things a step further and honor a handful of Stylin Strings’ partners who would also have a presence at the convention. The lacrosse head of choice for this dye project would be the Metrik, a 2014 release from Maverik that is made in the USA.

In addition to their lacrosse-industry partners, which coincidentally represent some of the most creative and forward-thinking brands in the game (no bias), Stylin Strings added the logo for Rit Dye. A dye product which comes in both liquid and powder forms, Rit has become the bona-fide standard for dying lacrosse heads over the years – much in thanks to companies like Stylin Strings who has been using it since 1999.

As a matter of fact, Rit Dye played an integral part in setting the stage for this dye project in more ways than one. Bringing its color palette along with a sincere enthusiasm for lacrosse, Rit recently became’s newest partner and is empowering us to lead collaborative projects like this Major League Dye by Stylin Strings.

This is the first of many Major League Dye showcases will be sharing with you in 2015, and we’re proud to have the talented guys over at Stylin Strings help kickoff the show. Guys like Franky Fingers, the resident dye expert at Stylin Strings, have extraordinary attention to detail and that makes creative possibilities endless. Be sure to check out the Stylin’ Strings Dye Builder if you’re in the mood to design your own!

Stay tuned for a video, and enter to win this one-of-a-kind #LaxCon lacrosse head from Stylin Strings below!

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