Nanaimo Timbermen 1960 throwback-uniforms box lacrosse WLA
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Summer Box Lacrosse Video Explosion! Juniors & Seniors, Coast to Coast

Last week I dropped a huge database listing where each and every NLL star is playing over the summer. Well, for those of use that don’t live near a barn in Ontario or British Columbia, we rely on highlights to keep us up to speed. Unfortunately there’s not as much video contest as we’d love to watch, but I did my best putting together what I could dig up!

Since there’s only so much, I’m including the “A”s and “B”s from any Junior or Senior league I could find. But hey, we ended up with a little of everything! Goals, fights and full games, from BC to NS and everywhere in between!

Your Guide to this Explosion:


Senior A – WLA + MSL
Senior B – QSLL/Can-AM/RMLL
Junior B – RMLL + OJBLL
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Mann Cup 60th Anniversary – Nanaimo Celebration

Nanaimo Timbermen 1960 throwback-uniforms box lacrosse WLA
Photo: Nanaimo News Bulletin

Before you go too far, I encourage you to check out this perfect little tribute video Shaw TV put together to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Nanaimo Timbermen’s first, and currently only, Mann Cup victory. In 1956 the Timbermen won the West and flew to Toronto to face the Peterborough Trailermen in the Maple Leaf Gardens for a best of seven series. Nanaimo won Games 1 & 2 before dropping Game 3, but the loss was quickly avenged in Game 4 before raising the Mann Cup after Game 5.

Listen to what the Timbermen Director of Operations, Chris Bowman, has to say about the celebration!

Got a good box lacrosse video that we need to see? Drop it in the comments below or send it in!