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Summer Lacrosse Drop: TEXAS!

Two things were constant in the great state of Texas this Summer: the heat and lacrosse. Where to start… how about some international lacrosse game growing?!

Philippines Lacrosse Association In Texas

Philippines Lacrosse held its first ever Open Run Tryout and Organizational Meeting in Austin, TX at St. Stephens Episcopal. I can not thank our partners STX, South Swell, Cascade, and for helping to make this happen.

philippines lacrosse banner

After LAS published the article on “The Search” (for Filipino laxers), there was an overwhelming response from all over the world, literally. We had guys from the US and Canada, as well guys in the Philipines and even Europe, all reach out to us. The amazing part is that we have had kids contact us wanting to get more involved, and that right there is why we all want to Grow the Game.

Once in Austin, we had one day of practice and then we took on the Austin Lacrosse Club. The practice was just that, practice. We had time to break the ice beforehand, so once on the field, we got straight to business, working on man down, and off ball movement. We tried to figure out our roles on the field really quickly.  Everyone understood that we needed to work real fast to get our groove, because even though our game versus Austin was a friendly, it would still set the tone for our group moving forward.

After about three hours in the Texas heat, we found our groove and called it a day.  That night a good number of us sat poolside and it was like we had been teammates for years. Trading stories and even getting in to the MLL versus LXMPRO debate, which could have gone one for days.  The next day we played the Austin Lacrosse Club.

Philippines Beach Lacrosse

I had to call in a couple players from the Dirty Birds LC, because we had only one sub.  Austin had a great group.  Many of them were transplants from the Northeast as well as Texas players, so the talent level was there for sure.  And with that said, the game began. Austin came out with two quick goals. Then another. And another. But we came back, and going into the second half we were only down by two.  The final score was 9-5, with Austin coming out with the victory… BUT we all walked away in a better place.  The game of lacrosse had just had a huge moment, and I could not have been any more excited for what the future holds.

Philippines Lacrosse

As Philippines Lacrosse works towards its FIL sanctioning, the GTG’ing will not stop.  We are sending a contingent to the Philippines in February, and are coordinating clinics at both the college and Youth-HS level. One of our main objectives is to field a Philippines Lacrosse team at the FIL World Championships in Denver 2014.

However, our key focus, is and always will be, the growth of lacrosse amongst Filipinos, and all nationalities, throughout the world.  To limit our efforts and resources to just growing lacrosse in the Philippines, would be the small piece of the big picture. The Philippines culture and its people, have spanned the globe, and we want to make sure that we introduce lacrosse to all Filipinos! Bottom Line… Our efforts are not just for our country, but for all our people.

Box Lacrosse In Texas? You Know It!

The Texas Box Lacrosse Association (TBLA), was a huge success in its inaugural season. Houston had a good season, but San Antonio came out and definitely had a great season. Joe Ernst and company have taken the leap… And in my opinion, they are well on their way to being a huge player in the Box Lacrosse world.

texas box lacrosse association

Why do I say this? Because the TBLA guys are playing true Canadian Box Lacrosse, not just “indoor”. Is it more violent… Not necessarily. Is it more physical… Definitely. Will it make you a better lacrosse player? No doubt!  #Cheers to the TBLA!

The Men’s Club Scene Keeps Brewing

Pabst Blue Ribbon Lacrosse, PBR Lite, and now Lone Star?!? Houston based Club Lacrosse is taking it to the next level for sure!  BUT don’t get it twisted, they aren’t just about their swag, Justin Rich and Co. run a tight ship and can lax it up with the best… In the country.  Troll through their website,, and you’ll see what I mean.  BUT, I will say this, “the Dirty Birds LC DID beat PBR Lite!”, #cheers!

PBR BOX lacrosse jersey

And with that said, we’ll move to the Dirty Birds Lacrosse Club.  After a successful GCLA season, winning back to back GCLA Playoff Championships, the Dirty Birds LC took a couple of weeks off.  We then hosted PBR Lite, and with both teams running pretty light rosters, the Dirty Birds were able to get the “W”!  This Summer we also put on our very first Beach Lacrosse Event.  We had four teams total, two Dirty Birds squads, Team FROG, and Team FBLAX/YOLO.  For its first year… I think everyone had a great time.  Now we know what we need to do for next Summer, and hope to make it a 6-8 team event.  #boom!

Grow Texas Lacrosse Tour!

The GTL Tour: Grow Texas Lacrosse had a great Summer!  I have to give a huge shout out to both STX Lacrosse (Greg Tate) and Warrior/Brine Lacrosse (Ken Clausen) for all their support of the GTL Tour.  Because of their support we had very successful clinics with Reagan Lacrosse (San Antonio) and also a very successful youth lacrosse clinic in Corpus Christi, TX alongside the Dirty Birds LC.


In the biggest project to date for the GTL Tour: Grow Texas Lacrosse, we were able to work with San Antonio ISD to get lacrosse not only introduced, but actually added into their PE curriculum!  Lacrosse will be covered over a 20-25 day span in all the HS, some Middle schools, and also at the Elementary school level.  Just two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get a chance to teach the coaches some quick fundamentals and lacrosse safety.  We’ll be working with them throughout the year to help support the coaches as we “Grow Texas Lacrosse”!!!  #GTG

And with that said…  What a Summer!  Facebook and Twitter was filled with lacrosse posts.  Not just in Texas, but all over the world!  Now it’s time for Fall Ball!  Let’s Goo!

P.S.  It’ll be worth the wait, #Chewy2020!

B and W Sticks

Peace, Love, and Lacrosse,