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Sunday Lacrosse Drop: The Return!

Welcome to Sunday’s Lacrosse Drop! We comb the internet for great stories all week, throw in some smaller stories of our own, and on Sunday we give them to you all in one place. Add in some inspiration, a little lacrosse eye candy, and you’ve got a classic Lacrosse Drop.

Penn State’s Fight Against Lymphoma

Chris Goldberg, of, shared this post with us, and we agree that it deserves some serious attention. A bunch of college programs, along with Penn State, are signing up to be potential bone marrow donors for the mother of a Penn State player, as she has not been able to find a match thus far. It’s a big operation, and we love to see so many college teams and players willing to get tested, and help.

Here is UNC going with the team swab test approach:

Gait Torque Traditional

You can expect a Gear Review of this Gait Torque head some time soon. You know what they say, you can’t review it, ’til you string it. Or maybe just I say that.

The old way.

Sandy Hits The East Coast… Hard

A lot of people were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, and our readers weren’t immune.

Good luck with the clean up, Owens clan.

Even though things looked dire from the outside, at least to us, Kevin Owens shared some pretty amazing and inspiring perspective:

“Comparatively, I don’t really have too much to worry about.”

Best wishes to ALL of our readers who were somehow impacted by the storm, and thanks to Kevin for keeping such a great attitude, all things considered.

Colgate – Villanova Fall Ball Action

There is a lot of good fall ball video out there, but has some of the best available right now. Head on over to their site for more, or stay and enjoy Colgate – Villanova highlights, and THEN go over to their page to catch a whole lot more.

ULAX Fall NYC Championships

Bill Schick captured some GREAT photos from the ULAX Fall Championship Game in New York City. Here is one shot of Pete Sayia where he is rocking some SSZ board shorts by UnCommon Fit, which are sweet!

Balling in New York City.

D2 Fall Ball: Rollins Vs. Florida Tech

How Beast Are These Socks?

Matt Gibson can seriously sleep anywhere.

Super beast. They are like slippers of warmth and goodness. I got them in an RV park. Nothing finer.

Mixed Feelings For Richmond Lacrosse Early?

The Washington Post put together a story on Richmond’s decision to add men’s lacrosse, while cutting men’s soccer and men’s track. The lacrosse community is obviously thrilled with the decision by another D1 University to add lacrosse, but few are rejoicing in the loss of other sports. Alex Prewitt does a nice job of laying out both sides, and how difficult a transition like this can be.

Stylin Strings Dye Videos

If you want to check out some really solid dye job videos, look no further than Stylin Strings. These guys do unreal work, and always keep it professional! Here is a dye they did for Deerfield. Check out their Youtube page for more superb dye work!

New Team LAS Box Lacrosse Logo?

It’s COLD outside in NYC over the Winters, just not cold enough to scare off the die-hard box lacrosse fanatics in the City. No sir! So in honor of the cold we all brave to play the game, the team LAS logo will be something like this for 2012-13:

A staple of the box team has been keeping things simple and cost effective when it comes to jerseys. We’re two for two on championship seasons… maybe that’s why. We buy practice quality hockey jerseys on sale and screen print our logos onto them locally.

We go with yellow, because why not?, and although we’ve had sponsors in the past, this year it’s all us. It’s a little silly, but it’s cost effective and unique! Just wait ’til you see the real thing!

Here is last year’s Life Juice/ jersey:

NYC Box lacrosse ULAX
I’ll be going back to traditional this season.
Pinched up traditional Easton Lacrosse head for 2012-13.

Here are some of the top stories from this past week:

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– How To Improve Between Fall Ball And The Spring

– When Irish Dyes Are Smiling

– 2013 Legal Pockets – Ohio State & Lehigh

– The Big Lacrosse Debate: Box Vs. Field

Got something you’d like to see featured in next week’s Lacrosse Drop? Hit. Us. Up!