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traditional lacrosse top string
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Sunday Lacrosse Drop: Traditional New Year To You

Did you think we were going to take it easy this Sunday and wimp out on a Lacrosse Drop? Not happening. Get your Sunday fill of lacrosse right here. Time to dig in… Let’s star things off with a bang.

Mark Matthews Dangle

Remember that? Now you do.

NCAA D1 Traditional

2013 Legal traditional pocket in a Torque 3 by Gait for a D1 player headed back to school soon. Black leathers. Hope this makes its way on to the field this year.

Mercyhurst Men’s Captains


Traditional Replaceable Top String

By not attaching the leather to the scoop, this traditional pocket can now be moved pretty seamlessly from one head to another. Break in a great pocket, and keep it forever. That just happened.

traditional lacrosse top string

Traditional Stick Christmas

Solomon gets a new stick…

Alphabetical NCAA D1 Previews

Check out the Season Preview section for the alphabetical NCAA D1 season previews. Air Force, Albany, Army, Bellarmine, Binghamton and Brown are all up with much more to come. The rest of the alphabet, actually.

Glynn out of Hospital

“Drexel senior Brendan Glynn (St. Joseph’s Prep) has been discharged from the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania and transferred to Bryn Mawr rehab, hospital officials said…” for more, see the full update on

We wish Brendan the very best.

Beanies – Bulldog Approved

Still loves a good lacrosse ball to chew on.

Jose likes the beanies… and right now, like everything in the Lacrosse Shop, they are 50% off. You’re welcome!