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Sunday Night Gear Drop: Ireland WILC Box Lacrosse Helmet And Gloves

Team Ireland has some super special gear for the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships going on RIGHT NOW in Prague! Orange facemasks on black lids, custom Gait Gloves… stylish choices!

We don’t usually put gear on LAS… it’s more of a Sweet Sweet Lax kind of thing.  But this was just too good to pass up!  Team Ireland gloves and helmets.  The gloves are the top of the line Gait models, but the helmets… the helmets are something special.  Kevin Owens sent over some pictures and this is an evolution in facemasks.  No chorme.  Pretty flat, not quite matte.  Old school.  I love it.  The orange is just so.. ORANGE!

If you don’t know Kevin Owens, he plays for the Ireland national box lacrosse team, plays ULax box lacrosse in NYC with some of the LAS crew, balled at Butler back when they still had a D1 team, and is an overall stand-up guy.  He also own a plethora of orange dyed Warrior Evolutions.  He has dyed up more two color dyes of interest than I care to remember!  It makes me jealous.  (Team Jesse Dye, Inside Out Plaid dye, WILC Ireland Dye, Ireland Boxla Dye)

And now the gear.  Thanks for being patient.

Ireland WILC helmet orange facemask lacrosse lax
Wow. Just, yeah.
Ireland WILC helmet orange facemask lacrosse lax gait gloves
Gait with IRELAND on the cuff. Good looking gloves actually!
Ireland WILC helmet orange facemask lacrosse lax
Great tri-color sponsor detailing.
Ireland WILC helmet orange facemask lacrosse lax
More Orange awesomness!

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