Canada Wins WILC 2015 Over the Iroquois Nationals the spirit game
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SUPPORT The Spirit Game Documentary

The Spirit Game is a very special documentary movie being produced about the Iroquois. The film will focus on the first ever FIL World Championship event hosted by the Native American nation, but the reach and story go a lot deeper… but only if YOU get on board and help.

I have seen The Spirit Game documentary crew in action, and spent time with the production group (One Bowl Productions), and they are doing this for the right reasons. I saw them in Cattaraugus for the Iroquois Open Tryouts. I saw them at the WILC, and I have followed them on social media… these guys have been busy!

I will also vouch for them here, fully.

Why would The Spirit Game need me to vouch for them?

Because they are asking for your support and money!

The Spirit Game – Video Preview

Originally, the documentary was planned out, and storyboards were created. Shots were lined up along with interviews, timelines, and ideas. Once the crew got to work however, all of that pretty much went right out the window. What One Bowl found was that the story was bigger than they had originally thought possible.

Instead of coming away with an amazing 100 hours, or even a staggering 200 hours, of film (that is a LOT of film!), One Bowl Productions came away with OVER 1,000 hours of documentary quality film… and all of a sudden, the post-production costs have gone through the roof. And this is where we all come in to play.

One Bowl Productions is now seeking an additional $100,000 to go through all the video, edit it, cut it down, and produce the best lacrosse documentary ever made. If you do the math, that is only $100 per hour of film they shot, so it’s really not all that much money, when you consider how much work still needs to be done!

A LOT of people from all over have put money into The Spirt Game documentary project already, but to do it right, it will take additional funding. Is The Spirit Game something you really want to see happen? If so, consider getting on board, and help to tell a small part of the greatest story ever told.

Personally, I’m awaiting this documentary with baited breath. It will cover culture, history, identity, and sportsmanship, and do it all through the lens of lacrosse. The lacrosse will be modern, but it will also be historical. The connection between past and present shall be evident to all. The importance of this sport will be on display, and the phrase “it’s more than a game” will truly mean something.

As lacrosse grows and expands, the roots of the game become more and more important. While they do not dictate our path moving forward, the roots of the game inform us on where we are coming from, and where we may be headed. This is going to be a fantastic film, and I truly hope you will get on board and support One Bowl Productions in their efforts to see this through.