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Sweet Sweet Fridays!

It’s Friday. Take a moment and thank The Man for a solid 4-day week full of [insert best thing that happened to you this week].  Editor’s note: For us that’d probably be Buffalo Trace bourbon. Drop yours in the comments section!

And what’s a Friday without something sweet? Here’s this week’s top swag from Sweet Sweet Lax. Make sure you check in with SSL each and every day. And while you’re at it, LIKE it on Facebook too. All the Florida Gator players like it, we think.

1) GTL Tanks spotted in the wild

Note to players: Make sure you read that #MarketingTip!

2) Nixon Gunship Collection

We know one guy who is drooling over this.

3) Nike Pro Combat Football Unis

So hot right now.

4) Did We Mention The Hokie Domes?

Duke Duke Duke…

5) STX Assault Gloves, Sweet Sweet Lax Edition

Give us 2 more color zones and we’d have myself the ultimate mit!

And now, a very important recommendation…

Eat like a Warrior Product Manager TODAY!