How Does Switzerland Lacrosse Grow The Game?
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How Does Switzerland Lacrosse Grow The Game?

As the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship 2015 moves even closer, we ask each nation exactly how they Grow The Game on home soil. These interviews reveal how each of the WILC nations work to not only grow the strengths of their national team, but how they are working to grow lacrosse throughout their country.

It’s time to look at the growth of Switzerland lacrosse, so who better to ask than founder and coach Scott Hylen? Let’s catch up with Scott about the gross of Swiss lax!

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LAS: How would you describe the lacrosse scene and the growth of the game in Switzerland?

Hylen: We have some very dedicated people at key positions to ensure that the game continues to grow here in Switzerland.

The country is forced on youth development and making sure all clubs incorporate youth programs into their agendas.

What are some steps that those of us outside of Switzerland can take to better understand its culture?

The Swiss are a very hard working people, but they definitely know how to have a good time. They love spending their free time outdoors, whether they are hiking, skiing, cycling, laxing, exercising, swimming in one of their beautiful lakes, or just having a BBQ in the park. They love being outside.

Rated as one of the happiest countries in the world, the Swiss have the perfect mix of work, vacation, family time and leisure time. Of course, no one beats their chocolatiers either – that’ll perk anyone up!

What steps are being taken to grow the game locally in Switzerland? Quick follow-up, what are some of the long-term goals for future growth?

We are implementing a coaches training program for players who are not able to continue their playing careers but still want to contribute. We will be sending a U19 team to Canada next year, for our first time at the U19 World Championships.

We will also be working with PE teachers by introducing intercrosse back into the curriculums of local schools and then providing the kids, who wish to continue playing, a weekly field lacrosse practice sponsored and coached by the local clubs.

Are there any opportunities for foreign volunteers to get involved with the growth of the game in Switzerland? If so, where can one find more information?

There are various opportunities for foreign coaches to help grow the game in Switzerland, both long and short term.

Contact us through if you are interested in helping out in Switzerland!

What are the steps Switzerland lacrosse is taking to elevate the talent pool?

We have a very small group of players who have experience playing at the FIL events, and as a result, we end up with the same players going to all the events. The last two years we have worked hard to build a boxla league here, providing a lacrosse outlet for players year-round. Apart from teaching our players different skills and strategies, boxla attracts different players and opens the game up to athletes who, for whatever reason, are not able to participate in the regular field season.
We are also launching an aggressive two part youth development program this year. Spearheaded by Zurich, Wettingen, Bern, Olten and Fribourg, we will be working closely with local schools to make intercrosse part of the schools’ PE curriculum. This involves training the teachers at the schools, finding equipment, etc. The second part of the program involves actually providing a real lacrosse practice for any students who wish to move beyond intercrosse and play field lacrosse.
We are working towards participating in the U19 championships in Canada in 2016, which would be Switzerland’s first time participating in any FIL youth event.

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If your interested in growing the game in Switzerland, visit the Swiss Lacrosse website for more information.