Discovering the Lacrosse Community: West Coast Kid Going East, Pt. 3

When I walked back into the office this morning, a coworker was nice enough to have asked me how the weekend had gone. I got about three sentences in before another coworker used it as a springboard to go on a rant about how his high school had been a big lacrosse school, and he’d […]

Lacrosse Heaven: West Coast Kid Going East, Pt. 2

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The official attendance for Saturday here in Philly was over 32,000 people. I would be surprised if 32,000 people in Oregon know what lacrosse is. From the moment my Uber dropped me at the hotel, I could tell that I had found my people. Kids littered the parking lot, playing small-sided games with pop-up box […]

NCAA Lacrosse Photos: 2019 D2, D3 Championship

DIII ncaa lacrosse photos 2019 division 2 lacrosse division 3 lacrosse

What’s that you say? You want to see more NCAA Lacrosse photos from Championship Weekend? Well, we’d be happy to oblige. What a day of lacrosse it was on Sunday. Merrimack took their second-straight Division II title in their last season at the Division II level before moving to Division I. In addition, Cabrini won […]

2019 NCAA Lacrosse Championship: Why Virginia Will Win

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With two teams competing for the 2019 NCAA Lacrosse Championship today, the main question that needs to be asked is, ‘What will it take for them to win?’ Since there are two teams, we’re asking this twice. Ryder Cochrane will take care of why Yale will win over HERE. But this article is all about […]

2019 NCAA Lacrosse Championship: Why Yale Wins

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For the first time since 2014, the NCAA Division I men’s lacrosse world is going to have a repeat champion, the 2019 NCAA Lacrosse Championship being their second in a row. Yes, like the 2013-14 Blue Devils before them, Yale will walk into Lincoln Financial Field this afternoon the defending champions, and they’ll keep their […]

Cabrini Men’s Lacrosse Wins First-Ever Division 3 Title

cabrini men's lacrosse amherst 2019 ncaa division 3 lacrosse title

From warm-ups onward, the crowd was clearly in Cabrini Men’s Lacrosse’s favor today. A deafening crowd, overwhelmingly blue, rocked the lower bowl of the Linc today, as the Cavaliers made their first championship appearance in program history, and they responded by bringing Cabrini its first-ever national championship in any sport. Despite a hot start by […]

Merrimack Repeats! Warriors Take DII Title; 16-8 Over Limestone

merrimack limestone ncaa division II title

Lacrosse is widely referred to as a ‘game of runs.’ This NCAA Division II National Championship between Merrimack and Limestone was a prototypical example. In just the purest sense, the teams traded just over a combined 30 minutes of clock time each going on a run. But it was Merrimack’s run that would prove to […]

NCAA Lacrosse Photos: 2019 Final Four

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We’ve got your top NCAA Lacrosse photos from this year’s 2019 Final Four. Lacrosse All Stars assembled a great group to cover this year’s championships… At any rate, Katie Conwell has been KILLING IT behind the camera with some great photographs of the semifinals. We’ve selected our favorite 20 photos between both games of the […]

2019 NCAA Lacrosse Semifinal: Yale Outguns PSU

penn state yale 2019 ncaa lacrosse semifinal ncaa lacrosse photos

The high-flying Penn State offense was outgunned by a determined Yale Lacrosse team in the second 2019 NCAA Lacrosse semifinal of the day. Here’s my breakdown. 2019 NCAA Lacrosse Semifinal Breakdown: Yale v. Penn State How Yale won: To be honest, the fact that it was even a contested game in the fourth quarter speaks […]

Virginia Tops Duke In Double OT at 2019 NCAA Lacrosse Semifinal

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In a battle of two of the top ACC teams (being Duke and Virginia) on the 2019 NCAA Lacrosse Semifinal stage, it was the league’s regular season and tournament champion that ultimately prevailed, winning 13-12 in, wait for it, DOUBLE OVERTIME. But, ultimately, Duke Head Coach John Danowski summed things up as simply as they […]

West Coast Kid Going East: NCAA Championship Weekend, Part 1

2019 ncaa lacrosse quarterfinals penn yale

Editor’s note: As part of our NCAA Championship Weekend coverage, one of our NCAA Lacrosse contributors, Ryder Cochrane, who hails from the West Coast, will be chronicling his trip to the East Coast for his first Championship Weekend experience. This is the first part of several and is dedicated to all of you who love […]