NCAA Lacrosse Photos: 2019 Final Four

2019 ncaa lacrosse semifinal yale penn state ncaa lacrosse photos

We’ve got your top NCAA Lacrosse photos from this year’s 2019 Final Four. Lacrosse All Stars assembled a great group to cover this year’s championships… At any rate, Katie Conwell has been KILLING IT behind the camera with some great photographs of the semifinals. We’ve selected our favorite 20 photos between both games of the […]

2019 NCAA Lacrosse Semifinal: Yale Outguns PSU

penn state yale 2019 ncaa lacrosse semifinal ncaa lacrosse photos

The high-flying Penn State offense was outgunned by a determined Yale Lacrosse team in the second 2019 NCAA Lacrosse semifinal of the day. Here’s my breakdown. 2019 NCAA Lacrosse Semifinal Breakdown: Yale v. Penn State How Yale won: To be honest, the fact that it was even a contested game in the fourth quarter speaks […]

Virginia Tops Duke In Double OT at 2019 NCAA Lacrosse Semifinal

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In a battle of two of the top ACC teams (being Duke and Virginia) on the 2019 NCAA Lacrosse Semifinal stage, it was the league’s regular season and tournament champion that ultimately prevailed, winning 13-12 in, wait for it, DOUBLE OVERTIME. But, ultimately, Duke Head Coach John Danowski summed things up as simply as they […]

2019 NCAA Lacrosse Semifinals Preview

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Last week was truly one of the best quarterfinal rounds we’ve seen. Three overtime games and a Penn State squad that is just on another level right now. But, that was four games. Now, there are only two as we are coming up on the 2019 NCAA Lacrosse semifinals. They’ll be held on the biggest […]